Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops or HCG drops are natural hormonal supplements that play a vital role in weight loss. The drops are the synthetic variant of the HCG hormone produced in the body of women during the early stages of pregnancy. It helps in weight loss by burning the excess fat in the body parts such as waist, thighs and arms, hence the name “HCG Weight Loss”. These drops, when combined with a 500, 800, and 1200 calorie diet, is called HCG Drops Diet. This effective diet plan ensures that enough fat is burned each day, resulting in a significant weight loss of about 1-2 Ibs daily. HCG drops thus provide a safe and cost-effective way to lose weight with no hunger, body weakness or loss of lean muscles.

HCG Drops Comparison

If you are ready to start up your weight loss challenge with HCG Diet Drops, today, then we will give you a comparison between the 3 best HCG drops supplement.

  • Ingredients Quality :
  • Success Rate: 100%
  • Reversal Rate: 0%
  • 30 day Money back :
  • Effectiveness:
  • Reduces appetite:
  • Metabolizes fat:
  • Ingredients Quality :
  • Success Rate: 100%
  • Reversal Rate: 2%
  • 30 day Money back :
  • Effectiveness:
  • Reduces appetite:
  • Metabolizes fat:
  • Ingredients Quality :
  • Success Rate: 100%
  • Reversal Rate: 2%
  • 30 day Money back :
  • Effectiveness:
  • Reduces appetite:
  • Metabolizes fat:

Classification of HCG Drops

Let’s begin with the first lesson on HCG drops. The market hosts two broad categories of HCG drops namely the homeopathic and the non-homeopathic variety. The homeopathic HCG is an over-the-counter drug which is natural, highly potent, good quality and affordable in nature. But as the homeopathic HCG drops do not contain strong dosages of HCG hormone, the process of weight loss will not be very quick and effective. For those who are undergoing treatment for any other ailment, can easily consume this variety of HCG drops along with the regular medication.

On the other hand, the non-homeopathic variety contains concentrated HCG hormone levels similar to HCG injections and is the best choice for customers who wish to lose weight drastically. Real hcg drops products clearly specify the exact amount of HCG hormone or the HCG content level in the drops. These drops are the best choice for overweight customers who are aspiring to begin their weight loss. Ideally, those who have shredded the excess weight and are maintaining themselves can subscribe for the homeopathic HCG drops. Read more about Homeopathic vs. Non-Homeopathic HCG drops here.

Which drops really work?

So, after you have decided to lose weight with the help of HCG drops, the very first question that hits your brain is ‘Which drops really work’? Fair enough! The best HCG drops that work can be selected based on its effectiveness in weight reduction, its availability throughout the year without stock crunch, cost, user-satisfaction, and re-order rate. Taking into these into considerations, among the many HCG drops available in the market the top three labels sold best in the market are HCG Complex, HCG Triumph and HCG 1234.  For more information on these three products you have to read the detail reviews, but now it is time to know where to buy these drops.

Where to buy the Real HCG drops(Non-Homeopathic)?

The homeopathic HCG drops can be ordered online without any prescription. Whereas the non-homeopathic HCG drops, require a legit doctor’s prescription for order placement. You will be glad to know that there are companies that have an in-house doctor who can review your physical condition and suggest you the dosage of HCG drops based on your weight.

Whether you are opting for homeopathic or non-homeopathic HCG drops, the best choice for you is to buy it online rather than the pharmacy stores. There are plenty of Licensed HCG drops manufacturers and dealers from whom you can get your HCG drops easily, and the drops will be shipped to your home safely.

The other undeniable benefit of ordering HCG drops online is the coupons and discounts that come with the purchase. To avoid fraudulent purchases, carefully choose the company that comes with Good Manufacturing Practice certification and HCG sale license. For more information on buying the HCG drops, Please visit the ‘Buying Guide’ article on this website.

Are Omni Drops and Hcg Drops Same?

Omni drops are slowly gaining popularity in the weight loss arena. These are also known as homeopathic HCG drops and can be easily bought over the counter.  The exact ingredients of such drops other than HCG are vitamin B12, phosphate and magnesium sulphate. In Omni drops the concentration of HCG as a hormone is not published by the manufacturers and this is the reason why many weight loss enthusiasts are doubtful about using this medication. The actual dosage level, the duration of usage, etc. too are not published as per the standard anywhere. There is no fixed pricing for the Omni drops and customers, who purchased the same online have not given positive feedback on immediate weight loss. Hence, it can be concluded that Omni drops are not similar to HCG drops.

Now that you know which HCG drops to buy and where to buy, here is the information related to best sellers of HCG drops in the current market in detail. Watch the video below on how to choose the best one

How to Choose the Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss?

Choosing the HCG diet drops for weight reduction is not a tricky job. All you need to do is to check on the various evaluation factors like effectiveness, success rate, result turn-around time( how quick the results are), ingredients, manufacturing process, product safety, quality, shipment and delivery procedures, customer satisfaction, cost, money back policies, re-order rate and other such aspects. Based on these factors, the different brands available in the market are compared, contrasted and the rankings are given. For more details on how the HCG drops are ranked, please refer to the ‘How We Rank ?’ article.

To felicitate your search and reduce your efforts, here are the basic facts about the top three market leaders in HCG diet drops that have resulted in the best weight loss within the shortest time.

Top 3 HCG Diet Drops Supplements

HCG Diet Drops

The market leader in HCG diet drops is the HCG Complex. These are 100% natural diet drops should be taken in 2 doses of 15 drops per day sublingually (under the tongue). These diet drops combined with 500,800 or 1200 calorie diet plan.  It is a blend of high-quality HCG and seven other synergistic ingredients that can help one to show his or her body fat the back door and welcome good look.  Its widespread benefits are:

  • It is highly effective
  • It comes with zero side effects.
  • The ingredients are FDA accredited
  • The manufacturer is GMP certified to ensure the highest quality.
  • Comes with free shipping and home delivery perks
  • A 21 days trial and money back guarantee is available.

In addition to the weight loss, every customer gets access to several HCG diet recipes and learns new techniques to shed weight soon. All these benefits in just $60 are the real surprise behind this winner product. For more information read the detailed product review in this link:


The first runner-up in the race is HCG Triumph drops with real hcg hormone content in addition to nutrients and vitamins like B3, B6, B12, and B5. This homeopathic HCG is an over-the-counter drug that can be bought online through manufacturers who even ship the product for free. Available in around $120, it comes with great discounts and offers on bulk purchases. Some astounding benefits of this product are:

  • Quick results within 40 days of usage
  • Exhibits zero side effects
  • Available as an over-the-counter medicine
  • Comes with a 40 days Money back guarantee
  • Several vitamin and nutrient supplements come as add-on
  • The customer satisfaction is plenty

Visit this link for more detailed information:

hcg1234 bottle

This HCG diet drop is just what any commoner would prefer to subscribe with a cost so nominal and effects unbelievable. With the best price of $55, this diet drops comes with free shipment and delivery plus money back guarantee if the results are not positive. The other benefits of this compelling product are:

  • These are a GMO-free and  Gluten free drops
  • It gives the best result with the 1234 diet plan designed exclusively by the manufacturer. One
  • There is a progress tracker which shows the users how well they have lost weight
  • It has 24/7 customer support and instructional video documentations for new users
  •  Requires a pure vegetarian protocol diet
  •  It works well for both men and women having heavy weight

This HCG Direct 1234 is available throughout the world, and one can buy this incredible weight loss supplement without any doctor’s prescription. All these diet drops talk about the HCG diet. This controlled calorie intake process helps one to shed weight quickly in combination with the diet drops. Here is more insight into the diet plan and routine. Find out more details about this product here:

HCG Diet

The HCG diet plan consists of three main phases. HCG diet is a low-calorie diet program combined with HCG drops or injections. HCG diet is a medically approved diet which is used to burn body fats while maintaining muscles. Through the utilization of the HCG hormone and metabolism, burning of the excess fat is made possible. This hormone is found originally in women during pregnancy where it is used in the fat burning process as the fat is broken down and used to feed the baby.

However, recent research has discovered the efficient use of this hormone in a diet plan where it is used to burn fat and to reduce weight. This HCG diet plan is available for both men and women who want to reduce their weight safely and quickly.           

The HCG diet plan consists of two main parts, which are equally important and efficient in losing weight.

Part 1

The first part of this HCG diet plan is the HCG product that you use. This product comes in the form of HCG drops or injection. This product helps to suppress hunger while working to reduce the fat deposited in your body.

Part 2

The second part of this diet plan consists of the low-calorie diet, which is commonly known as the 500,800,1200 calorie diet. This low-calorie diet in simple terms refers to just a selection of foods that you weigh out in their right amounts so that you know you’re eating the correct amount of calories.

The drops and the prescribed controlled eating, accelerate weight loss and make you get rid of the extra kilos quickly.


When you decide to follow a diet regimen, here are some frequently asked questions by the customers:

What is the ideal diet plan for my weight?
This information is available on the dealer website. You can see the diet chart and place the order for the diet drops according to your weight.

How much water should I drink along with the diet?
 The HCG diet plan includes 1 to 1.5 l of water along with the diet. Hence, drink plenty of water to stay fit and fine

Can I eat fruits alongside?
If the fruit supplement comes within the calorie restriction, you can have your bowl of fresh fruit.
What happens when I skip my diet for one day?
It is advised not to skip HCG diet as it is a strict regimen. But unfortunately, if you skip a course, nothing adversely happens. You must continue the dose correctly from next cycle.
Can I take vitamin supplements with the diet?
Most of the HCG supplement diet drops come with vitamin supplements. Hence, you need not take extra vitamins.
Can I eat sweets in-between?
An extra dose of sugars apart from the diet cannot be consumed. Hence, you need to say ‘bye-bye’ to sweets.
Can I intake salt during the HCG diet protocol?
Yes, you can. It is recommended that you consume a minimum amount of salt as too much salt intake is one of the important causes of weight inconsistencies.
Can I continue the diet during pregnancy?
No, HCG diet cannot be continued during pregnancy.
I am a cardiac patient. Can I try?
No, you can’t.  HCG diet is not safe for people having severe heart conditions.
I am a diabetic. Can I try it?
Yes, you can try the HCG diet plan. In fact, it will be beneficial for you as HCG has the potential to bring down your fast blood sugar level by stabilizing the blood sugar.
Can I start this diet if I am having cholesterol and high-blood pressure?
Yes, you can start the HCG diet if you are having cholesterol and high-blood pressure. Rather, it is seen that HCG improves both of these conditions.
Can I take the HCG drops during my menses?
No, you can’t. During menstrual cycle small amount of HCG is produced in the body. Hence, you needn’t take injection as that will become an overdose of HCG.
Can I continue using Thyroid while I am following this diet?
No, you can’t. HCG affects the hypothalamus gland that regulates thyroid production. So, intake of thyroid while being on HCG diet will lead to the over dosage of thyroid resulting in Hypothyroidism
Can I start with the HCG diet if I am a new mother?
No, you can’t. Prolactin produced in the body of a new mother hampers the function of HCG .
How soon can I see the result?
The results can be seen within 21 to 40 days if the diet is regularly followed along with the right dose of HCG diet drops.
What kind of exercise is allowed along with the diet?
Strenuous exercises are not recommended while you are on this diet. Walking, regular toning exercises and a few cardio exercises are suggested with HCG diet.
Can I take any other drugs besides the drops?
Yes, you can take other medicines besides the drops. If the drugs tend to interfere with your endocrine system you should discontinue their consumption. You should consult your doctor before starting HCG diet.
Can I apply makeup and lotions?
Yes, you can apply makeup and lotions, but you need to make sure that the products must be oil-free. Otherwise, those can hamper the effect of the diet.
Can I use hair oils, shampoos, conditioners and other cosmetic products?
You can’t use hair oil as it will get penetrated into the skin. While being on HCG diet, you can’t use any product having oil and fat. You can use products such as shampoos, conditioners, gels, etc. which won’t penetrate the skin and can be rinsed instantly after use.
Can I apply weight loss gel along with HCG diet?
You can apply weight loss gels as they work on the peripheral surface only. If you feel any allergic reaction internal or external consult your doctor immediately.

Looking healthy is different from being overweight. If you start feeling the need to shed the weight and stay fit, it is time to check these natural weight loss techniques combined with strict diet practices. So, start your weight loss journey with your choice of HCG diet drops.