10 Fat burning foods that help in weight loss

In order to lose weight, certain foods are crucial in burning fats and also in helping you use up calories. These foods will boost your metabolism and provide a conducive atmosphere for losing pounds when combined with a host of other healthy foods and diets. To begin with though, you must also make effort to avoiding fat-filled, junk food that may end up worsening the situation. Here, we take a look at ten top foods that will boost your metabolism and burn fats at the same time.

1. Whole Grains

wholegrains for weight loss-minYes, whole grains will go a long way in boosting your metabolism and burning calories. This is because whole grain foods such as oatmeal and brown rice which are highly concentrated in fiber, will require twice as many calories to break them down when compared to processed foods.

2. Nuts

Nuts for weight loss-minNuts are weight loss friendly, especially because of their high fiber content. They are low in carbs and are classified among healthy fats and proteins. Example of a popular weight loss diet food is the Brazilian nut. Nuts also make you feel fuller and satisfied while containing little amount of calories.

3. Lean meat

lean meat foro weight loss-minLean meat contains high protein content which requires a lot of calories to break down during digestion. This is because lean meat protein has a high thermogenic effect where it causes a rise in the temperature of the body therefore using up calories and burning fat in the process. It is estimated that, for every amount of protein calories that you eat, you use up a third of the same amount of calories in breaking down and digestion.

4. Broccoli

broccoli for weight loss-minBroccoli is a low calorie diet which has zero fat, and a healthy vegetable that can be used with other diet accompaniment. It also has high fiber content which along with other health benefits contribute to a healthy weight loss.

5. Green tea

green tea for weight loss-minGreen tea should be your favorite drink whenever you want to take something of the sort. It is now known that drinking at least four cups of green tea per day can help you shed six pounds in just eight weeks.

6. Grapefruit

grape fruit for weight loss-minGrapefruit is rich in fiber and helps in boosting your metabolism. By eating grapefruits, you will be able to stabilize your blood glucose levels and also burn a lot of calories while feeling fuller faster and for longer. This fruit can be accompanied with other fruit salads, drinks or smoothies and will be vital for your weight loss.

7. Fresh and frozen berries

berries for weight loss-minFresh or frozen berries such as blackberries, blueberries and straw berries are low-carb fruits with almost nil calories and highly recommended for their fiber content, anti-oxidants and essential minerals. All this combined with low fat yoghurt, blends or salads will help you in your weight loss by scorching the excess fats.

8. Salmon

salmon fish for weight loss-minSalmon fish contains crucial omega-3 fatty acid which is a metabolism regulator and facilitates faster burning of fats by affecting the level of leptin hormone in the body. Omega-3 can be obtained by eating salmon and also tuna, herring or special omega-3 supplements.

9. Avocado

avocad for weight lossThis healthy fruit will act as a triple fat burner. Avocado contains monosaturated fats that protect the energy-producing part of the cells from free radical damage. Aside from boosting your metabolism, avocados will improve your general health such as reducing cholesterol levels, heart disease risks, improve hair quality and heal wounds faster.

10. Chia Seeds

chia-seeds-for weight loss-minChia seeds are rich in protein, fiber and omega-3 fats. Chia seeds help boost the metabolism, suppress the appetite and trigger glucagon which is the hormone necessary for burning fat. With all this, chia seeds also prevents you from overeating by making you feel fuller for longer periods.

Shannon, a self employed, foodie and social media junkie lives in St.Louis,MO .Formerly a Nutritionist who left a professional career stay at home with kids. Currently obsessed with blogging and marketing weight loss stuff to make her living.

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