The 15 Best Blogs for HCG Recipes of 2016

We selected the best 15 HCG diet recipe blogs after a complete evaluation of the high-quality content and the ability of the author to incorporate all latest information in the blog. If you come across any other blog that has inspiring and amazing content on this topic, please email us to enlist your blog in the list.

Lifestyle modification is the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they see themselves fat on their favorite mirror. Overweight is one peril that is killing many from inside. The food we eat is junk, and the sleep of ours is disturbed and stressful making hormone’s flow haywire and causing a major disturbance to the internal equilibrium. When the biological cycle is disturbed, there are chances for you to get emotional turmoil as well. So, to brace yourself from overweight issues and keep your body fit and fine, all you need to do is to shed the extra body weight. While many hit the gym, some prefer to follow diet routines. One of the most critically acclaimed and successful diet protocol across the world is the HCG diet that helps one to shed weight quickly, effectively and most importantly with zero side effects.

This diet regime is strict wherein around 500 calories of food intake permitted along with rigorous workouts. Many use HCG pills, injections and even creams in addition to the diet recipes for speeding metabolism and arresting craving for food. There are numerous blogs on HCG diet protocol with do’s and don’t in detail. After browsing through a variety of blogs, we came up with a list of 15 HCG diet recipe blogs that can bring a paradigm change in our reader’s thought process.

  1. HCG Diet Phase3 foods list

This blog is exclusively written to document the list of food items to consume in  phase 3 of HCG diet. The good thing about this blog is that it speaks of the importance of correct food intake during the stabilization phase. After a brief introduction, it starts with explaining the different options in protein, fruits, and vegetables, dairy products, nuts and seeds, oils and fats, etc. in detail. It also states the medical facts behind including these food items in your diet. Visit the blog and get benefitted.

  1. Inspired Girls guide-HCG P3 what foods can you eat?

What is best about this blog post is that it is a real account from a girl who has survived the HCG diet and has transformed her overweight into a slim and lovable figure. She has listed the do’s and don’t of HCG phase3 diet in an elegant and summarized way along with a sample diet chart.  The highly informative and inspiring content makes you like this blog.

Visit the blog at inspiredgirl

  1. Bits and Bobbins- HCG2.0 food list

If you are not following this blog, then they are missing some unknown HCG diet recipes for sure. First and foremost it brings some difference by stating what the main points are that differ between HCG1.0 and HCG2.0 protocol. Secondly, it talks about the food items that HCG1.0 and HCG2.0 protocols support in their diet routine. The cute way of smileys used to represent affirmation adds to the beauty of the blog. The food listed and measurements are in sync with the US Gov National Food database. Visit the blog here at 2016-08-31 09-26-31


  1. David Wallace- HCG diet calorie counter

So, if you are a calorie conscious person who counts every morsel of food that you put into your mouth during your HCG diet, then this is exactly where you should visit. David has summarized neatly how each gram of food contributes to calories and what to avoid during the phase 3 . This blog helps the first time HCG diet followers to understand what and why they are following such stringent diet restrictions. Visit the blog by clicking the image below. 2016-08-31 09-27-06


  1. TheHCG delicious recipes for phase2

This blog is the best when it comes to discussing diet food to follow in HCG Phase 2- the most difficult phase of HCG diet protocol. The food amount of food to consume is restricted, but there is no limitation on taste. Hence the author lists 100 top recipes that you can enjoy during HCG diet. From Beef, chicken, fruits, veggies till making yummy low-calorie desserts, this blog contains 100 amazing recipes that can make your dull HCG diet day super active and appetizing.  Here is a link to the blog for you to bookmark the page! 2016-08-31 09-27-50


  1. MyHCGcookingBlog- Favorite recipes

This blog again is a personal record of the author wherein she tries to narrate her experience with HCG diet and her favorite diet recipes. The best part of this blog is the author updates frequently about her encounter with different HCG diet recipes and alerts the readers and keeps up to the good will. This blog has a list of both phase2 recipes and phase3 recipes in it. Visit the blog at 2016-08-31 09-29-08

  1. HCG Recipes at

The blog covers all the Dr.Simons approved HCG diet concepts converted into healthy recipes. You can find more than one hundred recipes with appropriate measurements and cooking procedure. This blog is more like The HCG cookbook, and it looks promising for HCG diet practitioners. There are small notes at the end of recipes that covers the user’s doubt related to cooking new items. Visit the blog and get a handful of recipes 2016-08-31 09-44-09



  1. Christine’s Challenge

If you are wondering whether you will ever smell chicken or beef during your HCG diet, Christine’s challenge blog is where you should visit. This amazingly neat and subtle blog suggests some wonderful recipes with chicken turkey and other food items to avoid during the HCG protocol. But the author has introduced several modifications to the original recipe to make it calorie reduced and taste great. Want to check them out? Here is the link 2016-08-31 09-28-44

  1. High Flavor Low-calorie recipes

Here are some delicious recipes for HCG Phase 2, 3 and 4 that brings water in your mouth by the mere look of it. From meat muffins to mashed potatoes, everything is baked, air fried or cooked in low oil to keep the calorie countless but flavor high. These recipes are authentic, and you can prepare them within 40 minutes of time. Please visit the website by clicking the image below. 2016-08-31 09-32-51


  1. Dr. Randall B.Weil’s blog

While there are so many blogs that say what to eat and what not to eat, this one is slightly edgy and different by suggesting you homemade fizz drinks during your diet phase. All kind of soda can be made and relished with this amazing recipe booklet and your HCG diet does not get disturbed. For those who want to try this immediately, here is the link 2016-08-31 09-33-26


  1. Two Island Girls Weight- Loss LLC

This blog looks fashionable with amazing content. Low-calorie recipes, exercise routines, nutritional tips, health facts, slimming diets, cocktails to skip etc. are some contents which attract weight loss enthusiasts. Here they even present HCG approved recipes like broths, soups, steaks and kebabs etc.  besides with the HCG approved salad dressing. This special dressing is low in calorie and has been designed by the blogger herself. Visit the blog for detailed information 2016-08-31 09-34-01


  1. FAB HCG

A complete account on what is HCG diet,  how to choose the food items and how to prepare a tasty meal- everything is available in this blog. The author has considered every minute aspect and approached the content with uniqueness. Few recipes are highlighted and elaborated well for the convenience of readers. Check the blog at 2016-08-31 09-38-27


If you are looking for some creative concepts in making your HCG diet enjoyable, then this is where you should start. The page looks refreshing with colorful dressing recipes to main course recipes. Also, there is a mention of how to prepare the standard dressing, how much protein, oil and fat should be used in one’s diet. With regular updates on the menu list and instant updates on what’s good for health, this blog is a sure shot hit among audiences. 2016-08-31 09-39-04

  1. My story, HCG diet food and Rules

This blog is a happy story of Jody who has been overweight and has reduced close to 80 pounds by following 2 rounds of 25 day HCG diet plan. She makes the write up interesting by narrating what all she gave up just to look good, slim and healthy. Along with the list of food to be consumed, Jody writes exactly what all one should give up strictly to adhere to HCG diet. You must read this weight loss blog as it is complete, narrative and most importantly a tried and tested recipe. Here is the link for you 2016-08-31 09-41-28

  1. New life Chiropractic- weight loss program

A weight loss and nutrition consultant advisory group who also have a blog page to discuss HCG approved diet plan. Without much extra information, the page contains what all the HCG Phase 3 diet should contain and in what quantity. There is no descriptive information, but the list of diet food is along with quantity intake in calories is mentioned on the 2016-08-31 09-43-40

From fat to fit- the journey is not simple. You might as well even feel like quitting at a point of time and returning to sweet indulgence. But if one has the willpower to stand against his love for sweets and junk food, their soul and body transform into a pure being, and it is when he knows the real worth of life. These blogs sum up the ways and means to reach your ultimate goal of losing weight and looking fabulous.

If you come across any other interesting blog other than the one’s listed above, contact us on our email and we will have a thorough look to share it with our readers.


Shannon, a self employed, foodie and social media junkie lives in St.Louis,MO .Formerly a Nutritionist who left a professional career stay at home with kids. Currently obsessed with blogging and marketing weight loss stuff to make her living.

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