3 Tips to Get Rid of Depression in HCG Diet Phases

HCG Diets create a restricted calorie environment, which kills endorphins, banishes feel-good chemicals running down in your veins, and triggers depression. And obviously, it isn’t something to look up to, and live with. Depression accompanying the HCG Diets is a common side-effect, and fortunately, can be tackled right with these three tips mentioned in this article below.

Note: As we mentioned, depression is a common symptom in people doing HCG. However, if you’re too troubled to function right, it’s recommended that you visit a medical professional, preferably, a psychologist soonest possible. There’s nothing precious than a happy YOU.

Keep in mind depression does not seem to effect everyone on the hCG diet in the same way. During most of the phases, you are going to feel better and fresh than what you were feeling before. Therefore, don’t let these feelings of depression overcome you that the only way out seems to be quitting the diet plan. You need to stay determined and let your body adapt to these changes.

Depression occurs when there is chemical imbalance within your body and it is plain to see why HCG can make you depressed. When a new hormone is introduced to your body, it definitely causes some internal reaction which results in depressed or sad feelings. Although it is normal, but that does not mean you are not supposed to do anything to treat it. There are plenty of ways you can make yourself feel better. If you think the depression is getting worse day by day, you need to address this problem right away.

Here are the top 3 tips that can help you in getting rid of depression while you are on the HCG Diet:

Be active

One of the best ways of dealing with depression is being active. This can be done by exercising, which can be light or vigorous depending on the Phase of HCG diet you are in. This workout will keep you fit physically plus mentally.

Take to someone

If you are feeling sad and depressed more often, find someone to talk to. Talking your heart out can always make you feel better. This is going to be quite helpful in letting the emotions inside you come out.

Do what makes you happy

Whenever you feel sad, you need to take your mind off from things and the best way to do this is to make yourself happy. What makes you happy? Maybe visiting a friend or going on a walk in the mountains? It can be anything, so just start doing it regularly so that you stay positive.

Even if following these tips does not help, and the depression is just prevailing, it is recommended to stop the diet and visit your doctor immediately. He is the one who can point out the trouble, and there are fair amount of chances that you can cope up with this problem.

Depression among pregnant women

depression in pregnancyIf you are pregnant and you are on the HCG diet, you need to be extra careful. HCG in a pregnant woman stimulates the production of progesterone from ovaries. As the placenta starts developing, the progesterone takes the responsibility of developing estrogen. The wood swings that women go through during pregnancy are caused by these two hormones. Along with these hormones, HCG can also trigger mood swings among the pregnant women and some might also go in the phase of depression which is not good for the mother and the child. This also calls for immediate medical checkup.

The bottom line is that HCG can cause depression, mood swings, tiredness and sad feelings. However, that does not mean the plan is not effective or it is negative. These are bodily changes that are totally normal and it is easy to cope with them. Don’t start taking the anti-depressants to deal with depression because they can increase your weight. It is recommended to visit your doctor if your depression situation is getting worse. Your doctor might give you an anti-depressant depending on your case but usually the depression phase goes away as you start to keep yourself busy.