Understanding the Protocols of 5 Key HCG Diet Plans

The popularity of HCG Diet isn’t without reasons. While other dietary methods have too many restrictions, HCG diets offer the ease and flexibility to choose plans and protocols that suit you the best. So, you can select the one that works right for you from the spectrum of choices, and orchestrate your journey the way you like. Every plan and protocol bears the same level of effectiveness, so no matter what you choose, you’ll achieve your goals. That said, it’s important to determine a couple of factors before choosing the HCG Diet protocols. These are:

  1. The amount of weight you’re aiming to lose.
  2. The kind of body type and threshold you have.
  3. The type of weight loss you want.

List of HCG Diet Plans

In general, the most important thing that you can do is to have an open mind when going forward. Understand your needs and move on to choose the plan that will be easier for you. A plan that does not force you to do too much or requires less effort from your side. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the most popular HCG diet plans and protocols.


  1. Dr Simeons Original HCG Diet Plan
  2. Modern HCG Diet Drops Plan
  3. Homeopathic HCG Diet Protocol (HHCG)
  4. HCG Diet Pellets Protocol
  5. HCG Diet for Vegans

These are the most common plans and protocols in the HCG diet. They only differ in administering and source of HCG. For example, HCG Diet for Vegetarians is suited for individuals who do not eat meat products.

Choosing the Right Protocol

By establishing the right protocol and plan, it is vital that you decide on which form of HCG suits your need. When we talk about form, it is simply the method used to administer the HCG into your body. This could be through HCG injections, diet drops or spray. Injections and drops are the most common forms used to administer HCG of which many people have successfully lost weight by using them. There are other not so common forms of HCG such as HCG diet pellets and HCG diet patches, which are actually less effective but still used by many people.

You could use one of the following forms to get HCG into your body more easily and effectively.

  • Injections/shots- by using a sterile needle, a small dosage of HCG is given by a medical professional through various prescriptions, or one can self-administer the dosage. This method is dependent on an individual’s medical history and weight loss preference. Before you choose injection method, it is important to consult a medical professional for advice.
  • HCG diet drops- this is by far the most popular form of Real HCG used and provides very effective results. By use of sublingual drops and the diet plan, this form will guarantee weight loss of up to 30 pounds in 3 weeks.
  • Homeopathic HCG- homeopathic HCG drops contain very little amount of HCG, which is why most people think it may not deliver results. If you are using homeopathic drops with real HCG hormone, at whatever amount, then weight loss is what you will experience after some time. Make sure you read the label carefully to ascertain the presence of real HCG.

If you are looking to lose weight rapidly by help of HCG, ensure that you understand the right plan and protocol before you get started. This is the first step to achieving your weight loss goal.