5 Ways to boost your Metabolism

Many at times when we here such complex words we tend to think that probably of the doctors only. Even a majority of us may probably have never come across the word metabolism, simple because it’s not of their concern. Well I bet you would be quite interested to hear that your body metabolism plays a key role in weight loss and keeping fit. How?  Well you better sit down and take notes because this could be your turning point towards living a healthy life.

Metabolism is actually more of a biological and chemical process that takes placed within your body cells. It involves chemical breakdown of food you ingest and stored in your body to release energy that is needed b the body to perform various tasks. This process involves oxygen since its ‘burning’ food. This is now what people refer to as burning calories. People’s metabolic rate varies from one person to another, depending on the age, body size and sex. Yes, males have a higher metabolic rate compared to females. The same case applies to age. As one grows old, so does the metabolic rate reduce gradually. This is why older people are always not that energetic and are slow in their actions. There is not a lot of energy being produced in their bodies.

The body metabolism is like a firearm that has to be triggered in order to respond. Though you may have little impact on your basal metabolism rate (BMR), since it’s more of a chemical reaction that’s not affected by external stimuli, you can in turn boost your metabolism, to ensure you live a fit and healthy life.

  1. Work out that body

fitnessworkoutsThe gym should be a top of the agenda must-go places in your list. This may not be the best place to be for many, but living healthy comes at a cost. What actually happens is that working out requires a lot of energy in probably lifting weights, jogging among other things. The energy-producing cells (mitochondria) in turn are worked out in ensuring energy is produced so they in turn use up all the calories you’ve consumed plus the stored fat under your skin. This way you end up losing a lot of pounds in a short span of time, shorter maybe than you even expected. This process normally demands a lot of oxygen, so you may notice the heavy breathing when doing those sit-ups and squats.

  1. Pay attention to your lifestyle

jogging-workoutMany at times, the simple things we do or fail to do may actually be of significant help in terms of boosting your metabolic rate. Taking your dog for a walk, taking the stairs often, talking over the phone while crisscrossing your living room, jogging when late and other house chores we perform as a daily routine. Though we may not notice the effect instantly, but these simple activities we incorporate in our lifestyle go a long way in boosting our metabolism rate. So don’t take it as a burden taking the stairs or opting not to employ a house help. This is actually you building your fitness in an indirect way.

  1. Green tea magic

Green-Tea-DietMajority of people are coffee lovers. Waking up every, a morning cannot be complete without a cup of tea or coffee. It is the usual norm that many adhere to before heading out to work or other day-to-day activities. How about swapping that coffee with a green tea? Yes, green tea. Plenty of researches carried out have had it that those who took the green tea every morning lost more weight compared to their counterparts. And lose of weight reflects boosted metabolism. Green tea was found to contain antioxidants, catechins being the dominant in it which boosts up metabolism. Research had it that taking around 4 cups of the brewed tea on daily basis accounts for 100 calories burnt in a day. That results in roughly 3000 calories in just a month! Impressing, isn’t it?

  1. Go organic all the way

organic-foodsPaying much attention to what you eat may impact a lot in boosting your metabolism. When shopping for fresh produce, especially fruits and vegetables, try going for those natural ones. Those that have not been genetically induced, be it with fertilizers or pesticides or any kind of farm chemicals. What man may not know is that weight gain is an accumulation of toxins, hormones among other factors. So consuming produce that have been genetically produced results in ingestions of toxins. So when going down to the market to shop for your produce, pay keen attention to your pick and if possible, just ask, it wouldn’t hurt to be a little curious.

  1. Drink up water

 water-consumptionWater is a basic necessity in the human life. Water is actually everything. Our bodies are 70% filled with water, so that shows the extent by which we depend on water. The body metabolism is also boosted by water intake. Experts have it that we should at least take 2 cups of water before any meal. This may account to almost 4 pounds lost in a month compared to those who don’t take water. Include water breaks in your day to day activities to keep you energized throughout your day. Water is virtually everywhere, so one may probably have no excuse to keep yourself dehydrated almost all day. It not only boosts your metabolism by keeping the mitochondria hydrated but also aids in digestion of food in the body. So lift up your glasses of water and cheers to living a health life.

Shannon, a self employed, foodie and social media junkie lives in St.Louis,MO .Formerly a Nutritionist who left a professional career stay at home with kids. Currently obsessed with blogging and marketing weight loss stuff to make her living.

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