Comparative Analysis of Hcg Injections And Drops

The battle of weight loss is hard-won. And, the winning formula, as they tell as, lies with our brains. You can fix your weight issues if you know how to fix your minds first. Determination and an adamant, go-getter attitude is the key to unlocking the mightiness of one’s body. However, when this attitude is complemented by a set of right weight loss supplements, the burden subsides a little. There’s an overwhelming variety of weight loss products in the market that puts a customer through a maze of choices. Most of these products are of low quality, doing more harm to the body than any good. Even worse when manufacturers create a rosy picture of their products, promising safe and quick weight loss, with fake testimonials; a sheer testimony to the fact that how your health is alarmingly compromised with.

This is why, HCG Hormone stands out as one of the most natural methods for losing weight. The hormone is released in the first trimester of pregnancy for optimal development of fetus in the worm, and a number of advanced level research have proven its effectiveness in controlling weight loss. HCG has appetite suppressing properties, which control hunger pangs, help you eat less and shed weight. HCG Hormone are available in the form of drops, injections, and nasal sprays in the market. While using it, you get to strictly adhere to a low-calorie diet of 500 calories a day. And yes, there’s absolutely no need of exercising.


HCG Injections Vs HCG Drops

OriginThe idea of using HCG Shots for weight loss was introduced by . A. T. W. Simeons. When he discovered the method, he used injections to administer the hormone into the body. This was 50 years ago. If old is gold means anything to you, then this is the best way to consume the hormone.Drops are an easier method of getting the hormone into the body. This method was discovered decades later. It is one of the accomplishments technology has brought and probably one that is very welcome since most people prefer using the drops to injecting themselves.
 DurationOne of the biggest advantages of injections is the fact that you only have to do it once a day. It is easy to remember to inject oneself. It is easy to add it into your daily routine like any other task. So you could inject yourself first thing after you wake up, before the shower or after breakfast. After doing it several days, you will not even have to include a reminder!People who choose to take the drops have to take them twice a day. The drops, therefore, should be taken every 12 hours. It is easy to forget to take the drops because of the many responsibilities one may have in a day.  It is, therefore, critical that you set a reminder every time.
 ConvenienceSince it is only done once a day, it is difficult to forget to inject yourself once you have made it part of your routine. When you are packing for a vacation or a business trip, you are also more likely to remember the injections because you will pack things you use on a daily basis.Since the drops have to be taken twice a day between appointments and growing responsibilities, it is likely that one may forget to carry the drops to work or during a business trip.

People who change bags frequently may drop the HCG drops and skip a dosage because they left the drops at home or worse somewhere they cannot remember.

 AccuracyThe biggest disadvantage of injections is that it is difficult to be accurate. People who choose to inject themselves have the problem of not knowing where exactly to inject. If you decide to go with the original form of injection, also known as IM injections, it is important that you inject the hormone at the heart of the muscle where blood supply is good. If you do not know how to hit the heart of the muscle, then you may not inject yourself right. Other than this, you need to know the right size of the needle to use when injecting. The muscles of a person with a lot of body fat may not be at the same place as a person who does not have layers and layers or body fat. These two people, therefore, cannot use the same size needleTaking the drops is easy. All you have to remember is to put the fluid under your tongue and hold it there for 5 minutes.
Food ingestionIf you opt for injections, you will never have to wait to eat. In fact, you can inject yourself as you are eating or 5 seconds before you eat, it really will not matter because injection takes the hormone directly into your blood stream.When taking the drops, it is recommended you hold the weight loss drops under your tongue for 5 minutes meaning you will not eat or even speak during this time. After the 5 minutes, you will have to wait another 15 minutes before you can eat. This may be inconveniencing if you are in a hurry.
 CostIt is more expensive to use the injections. If you are afraid of injecting yourself, then you will have to pay a doctor to do it for you. This doctor may or may not agree to store the HCG hormone for you. If you choose to do it at home, you need to go the extra mile of buying the necessary equipment to store it in. You may end up incurring some extra cost.When you go with the HCG drops diet, all you have to do is store it in a cool, dry place away from children.

Whether you choose to go with the injection or the drops, the results will be the same. However, it is more convenient to use injections since they act faster. If you are price conscious and afraid of the pain of injection, the drops will work great. In a comparison of homeopathic HCG drops vs. non-homeopathic HCG drops, it is best to go with the Non-Homeopathic HCG drops.

HCG Drops Buying Guide includes a lot of buying guidelines and purchasing information you need to know. We recommend you to buy HCG products from online sources only.

Choose the best quality

Injection will not be painful as a thin needle is used. Whether you opt for drop or injection, ensure that you purchase the legit products. It is wise to check the reliability of the producer and not restrict the choice based on competitive prices. While choosing a right product, it is wise to stick to the original protocol prescribed by Dr. Simeons, the inventor of HCG for treating overweight. It is best to refrain from the use of homeopathic drops, as these are not effective for weight management programs. Well, there have been many discussions regarding the viability of homeopathic drops but we finding the drops is an hectic job and we made it easy for you in this buying guide.

Follow low-calorie diet

If you want, you can also opt for HCG pellets that dissolve fast. Irrespective of the method you choose, regular use as per the direction is a must. You also need to follow a low-calorie diet when on this natural hormone. Following the strict protocol ensures that you will get rid of those extra pounds effectively. As per scientific results, you can lose almost two pounds each day with the combination of this hormone and restricted diet. So, based on your preference choose a method for administering HCG and reduce your weight remarkably within a short span.