An Insight To Different Phases Of Hcg Drops For Losing Extra Pounds

Few supplements used for reducing weight are beneficial for improving overall health. Ingredient used in these supplements is the key to efficacy of these supplements. To determine the efficiency of any supplement, it is important assess different aspects and phases of this diet plan. HCG has turned out to be an effective method of losing weight in last few years. According to experts, this hormone follows a distinct protocol. It is important for users to adhere to it strictly to get the best result. You have to follow a five hundred calorie diet plan while on this diet plan. This diet plan aims at effective weight loss.


Three phases of the diet

Protocol followed in HCG is divided into three parts. The first stage is known as loading, and it is for two days. In these two days along with HCG, you need to take carb-filled and fatty food. Your body adapts to the hormone. First two days of this phase are of utmost importance for any user. This is followed by burning phase, and it ranges in between twenty three to forty three days. A low-calorie diet compromising of vegetables, fruits and proteins are included in this diet along with drops.

Lose thirty pounds

Various studies have reported that you can lose almost thirty pounds in this phase. You can choose one of the best hcg drops and protocol for each might vary in length. Irrespective of the protocol that you choose, this phase lasts for at least twenty one days. In case, you cannot fulfill your weight management goal, you can extend the timeframe. You can have only two meals a day in this phase. However, starch and sugar are not included in this plan. Ample water intake is a must in this phase. Different elements included in this phase are essential for proper functioning of the body.

The maintenance phase

Last phase of this diet is known as maintenance. It is the final step before to start the normal diet plan. The maintenance phase also lasts for three weeks, and you cannot take sugar or starch contents now. This phase of the hCG diet plan aims at stabilizing the body. At the end of three weeks, you can introduce sugar content in your diet. However, it is important to check your weight on a regular basis, in case, you notice that you have gained more than two pounds then start rescheduling the diet plan. This phase helps in regulating weight and appetite.

Have regular checks

Low-calorie diet and hormone help in reducing weight fast, without any side effect. For menstruating women, you should resume the diet after the monthly or at least ten days before the next one. You need to take this drop for at least three times a day. On every morning, you have to weigh yourself as it might fluctuate during daytime owing to water retention. It is important for users to follow the reading of weighing scales regularly. In case, of any abnormality, you have to address it immediately. It is a safe process so you can be stress-free.

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