Apple Day for HCG and What You Need to Know

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We have grown up reading and hearing this English proverb a zillion times. But, have we ever sat down, thinking why Apple out of all the fruits we know is considered the healthiest of all. Well, know that Apple is an excellent antioxidant that boost immunity and help in fighting infections effectively. However, did you know that Apple aids in controlling weight too? For all those who suffer from weight issues, Apple can be a real changemaker. Since the red, juicy fruit is rich in fibre content, it keeps you fuller for longer hours, suppresses appetite, and helps keep calorie content low in the body. More or loss, Apple works on the same formula as HCG Drops for weight gain control. That said, if you feel you aren’t getting the expected results out of HCG Drops, you can embrace Apple diet for a day or so, and do wonders to your body.


Before you hop on Apple Diet, there are a few things you must be clear about. To help you wrap your head around the whole process, we have tried answering all the crucial touchpoints about the Apple Diet below. Take a read.

The necessity of an Apple Day

The HCG diet is all about eating fewer calories and working hard to shed the accumulated fat content from the body. But during the strict diet phase of the HCG diet, you tend to hit the plateau where even after two-three days of low conscious eating.  You do not see any improvement in your weight loss. The weight seems to hang in there as if it is least affected. In such scenarios, you need to opt for a simple method to bring your body back to its routine. The apple day helps to keep you stay tuned to your HCG diet plan and helps you restart your weight loss program back on track.

The Technique to observe an Apple Day

Apple day – as the name suggests is for the duration of one whole day starting from the present day’s noon till the next day noon. During this period, whenever you are hungry or rather you feel real hunger pangs, you shall eat an apple. This can be a real huge big apple, and you can have up to six apples in this duration. Along with the apples, you can sip some water. But since it is mainly a water rich fruit, you might not be needing water at all.

At the end of the apple day, you shall feel exorbitant weight loss as it drains all the water from your body making you feel light. It also detoxifies you from the stored fat and other toxins and flushes these bad things out in the form of stools. Thus so far so good, Apple days are an integral part of the HCG diet plan.

Apple Day- Do’s and Don’ts

So, what are the do’s and don’ts related to apple day. Firstly, if you are on HCG diet and your weight remains on the same scale for more than 4 days in spite of you eating low calories, you can start your apple day. Your body tries to fill the fat cells with water and cheats you and your weight loss plan.

  • You can either choose to opt for a diuretic or apple day as per your convenience. Since the apple day is a better choice as it supplements your body with essential fibers, nutrients, and minerals along with the removal of excess water, choose the apple day over chemical diuretics.
  • Also, continue the HCG diet drops during all the apple days to maintain the continuity.
  • During the apple day, unless you feel thirsty, do not consume water as the weight plateau has commemorated because of water retention in the body.

With these instructions, your apple day and HCG diet plan will work effectively as intended.

More apple days more benefit?

Apple days are not cheats to lose weight during HCG diet. They are helpful in phase 2 of HCG diet plan when you start facing the hardships of weight loss. Many users have reported that post the apple day, their weight loss with the help of HCG diet plan has become even successful. Here is a table that summarizes the advantages of apple day over chemical diuretics. Throw a glance at it:

Apple dayDiuretic
Natural and organicChemical product
Fiber-richNot rich in fiber
No need for additional water consumptionNeed to drink plenty of water
No side effects Can cause side effects

With all these benefits it is very clear that apples not just make an easy takeaway breakfast for you but rather this is the best fruit that can keep your HCG diet up and running. So, get set go for your weight loss program and make sure to show the world the mighty power of the apples and HCG diet drops.