Learn to prevent Hair Loss in HCG Diet

Weight loss is throwing a lot of lives in a total jeopardy, and the number of overweight and obese people is skyrocketing. If you fall on the wrong side of the weight gauge and watch to free yourself from fat bulk, it’s high time to turn to an effective remedy with guaranteed results. And, there’s no better choice than HCG Diet, which is highly recommended for its potency as a fat loss solution. Hop on this dietary method and you’ll see fat pockets diminishing from your body like magic

The HCG diet has been recommended time and again for its remarkable effectiveness is ensuring weight loss. No extreme exercise, no strict diet schedule. Just a HCG recommended diet together with The HCG diet drops and voila…….those unwanted fat can kiss your new body goodbye.

But recently, many have approached me with the queries about any relation between a HCG diet and hair fall. Many especially have noted this in phase 3 of HCG diet. So the big question being, what exactly is going on? Why is hair being lost? Is it a side effect of the HCG drops diet? And if so, how can one regain the hair lost?

HCG diet drops are hormonal extracts produced by a woman during pregnancy to help the baby grow. It suppresses one’s appetite, resulting in significant weight loss. Having this basic knowledge in mind, It should then be noted that introduction of this hormone in one’s body causes an imbalance in the body hormones, affecting their secretion levels. This minimal shift would eventually affect the body as a whole (weight loss) and also hair growth.

A key point worth noting is the hair follicle is a living part of your body. It requires nourishment and tender care for it to thrive. Now this is where people go wrong. Most people never take this into count when doing their usual grooming. Just running some water through their hair and that’s it. Later on, they have no explanations for the unexplained hair thinning and hair loss. A visit to the doctor assures them their body is functioning all right. And definitely, it is not the side effects of the HCG diet drops as they had contemplated before.

The key reason for most unexplained hair loss is vitamin and minerals deficiency. Case example being the iron mineral. Iron is normally present in the blood. Blood loss, especially in women during pregnancy results in a huge deficit of iron. Lack of iron in the body results in weakening of your hair right from the roots; causing them to break eventually. Other vital vitamins (C, B-complex) also when deprived in the body, results in hair weakening. This explains why you wake up with a large chunk of your hair on your pillow.

complete hair skin and nailsBut how can this be made right? The product from Biosource, Complete Hair, Skin & Nails provides a solution to this hair loss menace. A laboratory tested and proven product, it is a blended mixture of vital minerals, essential vitamins and whole foods formulated for growth and care of your hair, nails and skin. It provides a nutritional source especially during the HCG diet programme to ensure as you shed those extra weights, your body is still nourished with the essential minerals and vitamins for its growth.

Key ingredients of this super all-round multivitamins include-:

  • Iron: plays a key role in hemoglobin synthesis and red blood cell production
  • Folic acid: Used to correct insufficient nutrients absorption. It treats and reduces chances of getting heart and kidney diseases, cancer, and stroke but to name a few.
  • Zinc: Improves the immune system. Helps in healing of wounds and fighting off infections.
  • Magnesium: Helps keep inflammation down, bones strong and heart rhythm steady.
  • Biotin: strengthens nails and improves the hair health

Complete Hair, Skin & Nails comes with its benefits especially for HCG dieters;

  • Provides adequate vitamins and minerals for the body. This ensures that your body functioning remains normal and stable despite your body losing a significant amount of weight rapidly.
  • It keeps your body in perfect shape and condition, as a routine in maintaining a daily health regimen.
  • Even after completion of the HCG diet drops, you are still guaranteed a perfect health cycle, with the vitamins and minerals being supplied to your body, your body continues growing stronger and healthier.

For a positive health and a solution to one’s hair loss, take Complete Hair, Skin & Nails multivitamin on daily basis, at the stipulated meal hours, preferably breakfast, lunch and supper. It gives your all the energy and strength needed to see you throughout the day.