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When you try to search for fat burners online, you will be overwhelmed by the number of products that will come up. It can be confusing and unmanageable on your part. You do not know which product or brand to give priority. Not every detail of information you read on the internet will be worthwhile. Remember that you cannot go wrong with a weight loss supplement because it will blow on your face. Before anyone can admit that they have a weight loss problem, and they are seeking help, it takes a lot of persuasion and denial. Choosing the right products will contribute to making the situation better and melt away the fat tissues in a short period.

This is what most people with weight loss problems want; for them to get that shape they always desired. It can happen with the right product, and that is why your focus should be on the best three fat burner products in the market; Phen375, HCG Complex, and Garcinia Cambogia Ultraslim. The search for the best fat burners will always stop at these three products. They have the highest ratings in online searches, and customer reviews, making them desirable for your weight loss program.

Why these 3 are the most sold in the market

People will buy what works right for them. The same case goes with fat burners. If it works fine for some, then they will refer the product to others and hence the increase in sales of the product. The awareness for the best fat burner supplements will be through reviews and Google trends. What are people saying about a particular product, and how are the search trends? If the search volume is high and the reviews are good, then you can expect more sales. Why then are the three products the most sold in the market? It all falls to the genuine testimonials, quality ingredients, positive and fast results, and minimal side effects.

The products help you to change your lifestyle and still burn fat in your body. For example, Phen375 helps control your craving and eliminate the hunger feeling such that you do not have the desire to keep eating now and then. Apart from it inhibits the ability of your body to store fat making fit and ideal fat burner partner for your weight loss program. With this information at the disposal of customers, the Phen375, HCG Complex, and Garcinia Cambogia Ultraslim products have register the most sales in the market.

Steps to Why We Considered These 3 as the Best

It can be difficult trying to explain to someone why something is the best without the actual proof. When it comes to fat burners, you need a real life experience and how you came to the conclusion that Phen375, HCG Complex, and Garcinia Cambogia Ultraslim are the best. Below we have a criterion we used to come to the conclusion as to why we consider the above to be the best. The steps as follows:


Step 1: Look Out For Reviews and Customer Testimonials

The positive reviews from customers who have had to use the products on reputable e-commerce sites such as Amazon. Although some sites you cannot depend on reviews as a way of deciding on what to buy, reputable sites like Amazon, drug store, Wallmart and eBay offer genuine reviews and thus the best place to look for genuine customer testimonials on their experience in using the products.


Phen375Out of the 69 reviews from customers who bought this product on Amazon, 49% of them gave the product a 5-star rating. This proves that it works in terms of burning fat from the body. Most customers were able to see the results after some time of using the Phen375 fat burner supplement. Although some few disappointed customers gave the negative product reviews, it works for most customers.

phen375 reviews

HCG Complex :

HCGCOMPLEXOut of the 647 reviews by customers who bought this product, 54% gave it a 5-star rating. It is the highest rating which means that more than half of those who reviewed the product are 100% satisfied with the results. There were, however, low ratings for the product as some customers were not impressed by the experience they had with the supplement. The recent customer reviews on the product reveal that it is still gaining recognition and more customers are finding it worthwhile.

hcg complex reviews

Garcinia Cambogia Ultraslim :
garcinia cambogia ultraslim bottle62% of the customers who bought and reviewed this product gave a 5-star rating. There are about 145 reviews. It is a success for most customers according to the customer reviews for the product on Amazon. It reveals that the product has become reliable and result-oriented for most customers who have bought it. Based on when the above reviews were written, it shows that more people have discovered the need to include this product on their weight loss plan.garcinia cambogia ultraslim

Step 2: Google Trend and The Search Volume of Product

It is good to know the interests of many people when you want to find the reliability of efficiency of a product. Google search engine is the best for this bid. We use Google trends to check how many people search for the product and its popularity. We figure that, if many people are searching for the product, then it must be good…right? The following Google trend graphs show for the individual product, and comparison among the three best fat burners:


In Greece, the interest for this product has been the highest over the years. People showed the most interest in the product in 2014 before its sharp decline in 2015. Before 2009, the product was not known but made a break out in the market after that. The interest for the product among people is high but has uneven increase and a decline in searches.
Phen375 Trend
HCG Complex

Interest in this product is highest in the US. In mid-2011, the interest of the product grew drastically and dropped again in 2012 before rising again in 2014 till earlier in 2016. It is still a market favorite as it gets more hits with more people aggressively searching for it online.


Comparison among the 3 Best Products

When you compare the three best fat burner supplements, Phen375 comes on top with the highest hit regarding searches. According to Google trends, it has out-numbered the other two products as being the most popular and high interest among people. The HCG Complex product beats the Garcinia Cambogia Ultraslim product by a slim margin. It shows that the Phen375 is a market giant despite coming to light in 2009 as compared to the HCG complex which has been around for a long time now.


Step 3: Comparing Our Reviews with Other Websites

We search online to find out how many websites have the three best fat burners in the market. From our research, we learned that almost every site that relates to health and weight loss has at least one of the three products as part of the solution to the problem of the weight loss. If other websites are referring to the above supplements, then it proves that they are the best in the market. It shows that the products have gained market recognition, and customers are happy, and that is why they are found in those many websites

Step 4: Business Analysis

free trial offers We analyze companies that offer a free trial for the best fat burner products. The Companies offering free trial means that their product is legit and works fine. For businesses that want to buy first without the free trial, they are only interested in making sales. For the former, they just want to make customers happy and pay for only what they know, works well. The above three products have proven to be reliable and efficient fat terminators, and that is why some reputable companies are offering them as free samples for customers to try out before they can buy.

Step 5: Essential Ingredients to Consider


Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, chromium picolinate, L-Carnitine, citrus autrantium, caffeine, eurycoma, cayenne and dendrodium.

HCG Complex

Ingredients: arginine, L-carnitine, L-leucine, Panax, fucus vesiculous, ornithine, vitamin B12, L-glutamic acid, high-grade HCG, Mag Phos cell salts and Nat-Phos cell salts.

Garcinia cambogia ultraslim

Ingredients: Calcium, chromium, potassium, and garcinia cambogia extract.


Calcium, vitamins, and potassium are the most important ingredients in fat burner supplements. They help with the nourishment of the body cells during the weight loss process and keep your body electrolyzed as they contain essential ions.


Please do not make a purchase basing your decision on “money back guarantee”, because, every company offers this feature.  Few companies offer 90 days or 120 days money back. However, you should evaluate the benefits you get from this feature after buying a product. For more information please refer to our article “How We Rank?

Just because you have the best fat burner product does not mean that you should ignore the guidelines that come with it. To get results, you have to adhere strictly to the guidelines or else you will not get the results you are looking for.

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