Biking Miles to Lose Weight – What an Idea!

Eric Hites from Indiana, 40, has rolled up his sleeves to go to the next level of losing weight. Weighing at 560 pounds, everything seemed to lose grip and relationship with his wife was in a rift. Until when listening to his favorite track by The Proclaimers ‘’I’m Gonna be’’ (500 miles), came a brilliant idea. He decided to bike across the country in a bid to lose weight and make 3200 miles by the end of it all.

Hites started a blog, ‘‘The Fat Guy Across America’’ which would offer him a platform to meet new people to inspire him through the journey. His biking journey started in the second week of June from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts and hopes to make it to Orange County, California coast by the end of the year. In preparation for the journey, Hites has carried along with him all the trip essentials and a tent to pitch when night falls.

His journey has not been without a hitch, he recently hit a bump which resulted in the bending of the two rims of his bicycle. However, as he was stuck in Newport, he got the opportune moment of speaking to strangers and meeting new people, and told them about his journey which gave him something to add for his new book which he hopes to complete after this epic trip. Hites was gifted a new bicycle by Newport Bicycle and he was right back in to the journey as he pondered and continued toward his goal of losing weight.


Hites, has said that he gets the extra motivation along the way from people and fans –who normally call him the chubby hero. He has inspired many others with weight problems to get off their couches and begin to work out. Since the beginning of the journey, Hites has lost 50 pounds as he continues to lose more along the way hoping to lose another 250 pounds before reaching his final destination. He is having fun at the same time along the way and everything else is falling back into place with his wife.

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Why keeping your nose to ground, while other are doing it so easily.

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