hCG 1234 Review

Explained: How Does HCG 1234 Help in Weight Loss?

This is a complete review of HCG 1234 Diet Drops, where we’ve covered a lot of details to come up with an unbiased account of the product. You’ll get to know about its ingredients, benefits, side-effects, and two bits about its clinical research. Also, we’ve combed through several consumer reviews and ratings to learn how well it has been received in the market. If you’re looking to find out how effective HCG 1234 for weight loss is, find out in the review below.

What is HCG – 1234 Diet Drops?

hcg1234 bottleHCG 1234 is a supplement, having Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) as its main working agent. HCG is a pregnancy hormone secreted in expecting mothers in the first trimester of pregnancy, and helps in the healthier development of the fetus.

Besides HCG hormone, HCG 1234 contains vitamins, minerals and over 145 amino acids, which together as a fortified formula, resets metabolism, controls appetite, and supports weight loss.

For HCG 1234 to work, it’s important that you commit yourself to a 500-calorie restricted diet.

You’ll feel uneasy for the initial few days, since you’ll be calorie starved. However soon, you’ll form a habit. HCG 1234 is indeed a bargain if you’re looking for the fastest route to weight loss and a slim frame of your dreams.

Remember that even on a restrictive diet, you should get a right supply of minerals and vitamins every day for your body to function properly. If you’re feeling weak, dehydrated, or dizzy, it means that your body is deprived of its essentials and forcing you to make urgent changes to your diet schedule.

What Are The Benefits of HCG 1234?

The quest for a perfect body takes a lot from you than you can imagine. Weight loss is a real struggle, and doesn’t happen overnight. It needs some god-level commitment to make things better for your body.

HCG 1234 supports weight loss in more ways than one, which we’ve elaborated down here. Take a look.

  1. Reduces weight without exercising.
  2. Stables metabolism.
  3. Builds muscle mass.
  4. Safe & reliable.
  5. Made of natural ingredients. 100% organic.
  6. Works fast and efficiently.

Impressed with the benefits? Want to give a try? Then, just hit on the image below.

Hcg1234 Drops For Weight Loss

Some of HCG 1234 Common Side-Effects

HCG 1234 is a product having a great user record to boast about. However, every individual has different thresholds, and might react differently to the supplement.

Before starting on HCG 1234, note that restrictive diets are life-threatening. Proceed only if you can survive on super-low calories and believe that you’ve everything what it takes.

Common side-effects of HCG 1234 are:

  1. Headache
  2. Slower Brain Functions
  3. Irritability & Restlessness
  4. Depression
  5. Excessive Fatigue
  6. Disturbed Sleep or Insomnia
  7. Men Breasts (Gynecomastia)
  8. Swelling of Hands & Legs
  9. Increased Heart Rate

HCG 1234 Diet Plan – What You Need To Know

The restrictive 500-calorie diet is the mainstay of HCG 1234. So, you need to be a lot more attentive and decisive about it. You’re likely to crave stronger for sugars and carbs, however, if you’re desperate about weight loss, you have to limit distractions as far as possible, and focus on one goal.

  1. In a first, set a date for your diet plan to kickstart and devote your 3 months to it.
  2. Keep your HCG 1234 diet rich in vegetables (spinach, fennel, wheatgrass, bean sprouts, onions, asparagus, celery and more), proteins (beans, chicken and sea foods), and fruits (grapefruit and strawberries).
  3. As for beverages, black coffee and unsweetened tea are good to go with. Drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated.
  4. Avoid spices and sugars.
  5. Say no to carbs.

Creative Bioscience On HCG 1234 Drops

According to the Creative Bioscience, HCG 1234 Drops are the dynamic supplement, created for supporting weight loss. It improves metabolism as well.

What is the Dosage of HCG 1234?

Before starting your daily dosage of HCG 1234 Diet Drops, you need to know about a couple of instructions to follow. Check them out.

  1. For the introductory phase, use HCG 1234 thrice a day. Hold the bottle in an upright position and place 10 drops on your tongue.
  2. Don’t swallow the supplement for a minute.
  3. Keep the timings of your dosage same each day, and around mealtimes, except your dinner.
  4. Since your body isn’t ready for the upcoming low-calorie days, you need to eat categorically to keep yourself going. Things, like sweets, full-fat cheese, and other carb-heavy foods will be good. However, once you get habituated to the restrictive diet, you’ll have to cut sugars, fats and carbs from your diet.
  5. Those, looking to reduce 2 pounds in a day, must follow the 500 calorie diet. While those aiming a little low, like 1-1.2 pounds, the 1200 or 800 calorie diet is the best.

What Are The Precautions?

  1. Don’t breach the recommended dosage limit. It can be harmful.
  2. Those, suffering from any heart, liver or kidney ailment, should NOT use HCG 1234 without medical approval. Have an open dialogue with your doctor.
  3. Don’t use HCG 1234 without seeking your doctor’s advice if you’re allergic to anything, or suffering from any pre-existing condition like Diabetes.

HCG 1234- Buying Information

hCG 1234 Drops

Go to the official website of HCG 1234 to buy yourself a bottle. It will cost $55.98. There are a number of money-saving offers on the site, so you can explore them too. Don’t buy HCG 1234 from any retail store, since these could be cheap counterfeits.

Product Guarantee

  • Free shipping for HCG 1234 products anywhere in the U.S
  • Friendly prices
  • No additional charges
  • 100% money back assurance in case you are not satisfied with the product

HCG 1234 has gotten plenty of positive feedback from its users. Many consider as a better alternative to weight loss, better than surgery. Plus it is a cheaper method of losing weight. It’s worth a try.