hCG 1234 Review

hCG 1234 Review

Still standing as the number 1 selling brand in the USA, HCG 1234 has continued to win the hearts of many. And this not just by the cool bottle pack it comes with, we are talking of real results here. Results that have many testimonies streaming in, day in day out by loyal users who have attested to its tremendous weight loss effect it had on them.  Its fat burning intensity that cuts through those fat hidden in your body, giving you the desired perfect body shape you’ve been yearning all your life.

About hCG 1234

HCG 1234 is considered a weight loss aid, accustomed to through lab-testing and research. Under the umbrella of Creative Bioscience, one of the largest providers of diet support and diet products, it has proven to be quite effective judging from the thousands who have flocked to purchase it, in addition to the numerous reviews suggesting it as the ultimate weight loss ‘antidote’.

hcg 1234 packages

Unlike other hCG diet drops that keep on insisting a 500 calorie diet, hCG 1234 allows a range of 1200-1500 daily calorie intake.  After all, you don’t want passing out in the course of the day simply because you are denying your body energy in the name of cutting weight.

Moreover, hCG 1234 offers unlimited diet support to its client whenever they want, absolutely free!

How HCG 1234 works

One of the key things weight loss enthusiasts should be wary of is understanding the whole process. I mean, you have to understand the whole process before you embark on it. You don’t want to start something that ends up malfunctioning right at your face. Even soldiers don’t go blind in a war zone.


The HCG hormone produced during pregnancy by pregnant women. So it serves its duty first to the pregnancy. It ensures adequate nutrients and calories are available for the mother and the fetus.

To effect this, the HCG stimulates the hypothalamus to produce chemicals that release stores of fat into the bloodstream to  burned as energy. Now taking our case where there’s no pregnancy, the HCG still goes on to ensure fat cells release these fat into the bloodstream. The body metabolism, now at an improved state, ensures these fats are burned down to give the needed energy. That simple. Combine these with the 1200 calorie diet and bingo…those areas fested by fat; talk of the belly, arms and thighs are now worth flaunting out for people to see.


The HCG 1234 since its inception was aimed at ensuring nothing short of positive results on the clients’ end.

  • You are assured of shedding almost a pound on daily basis
  • It boosts the body metabolism to ensure that one is burning fat naturally
  • Reduced appetite helps you regulate those unnecessary sugar cravings
  • No vigorous exercise needed. Yes, you heard me right. No need for the stretching morning runs and exhausting gym sessions. Just a matter of sticking to the HCG diet and popping a hCG1234 drops pill.
  • No side effects whatsoever. The natural ingredients see to it that it is a safe method.
  • Reduces risk of coronary conditions normally caused by clogging of cholesterol in the arteries and veins.
  • In the long run, you get that perfect body shape without breaking any sweat!

Are There Any Side Effects?

Since the HCG frenzy struck the market, there are quite a number of HCG drop products; some true some just a scam to rob you off your hard earned money. Here’s why HCG 1234 is no homeopathic product;

  • It is a blend of natural ingredients. Pure and favorable to the body
  • It doesn’t interfere with the natural burning of body fat. It acts more of a catalyst, stimulating the catalyst and all that.
  • HCG 1234 is made in FDA inspected and approved facilities labs. So you can relax, it is safe
  • No side effects. Unless probably you have other conditions prior to the use of it

Dietary support

Creative Bioscience has been in the market for quite a while now. They understand the post-sale services are vital for retaining their clients. For any purchase of hCG 1234 product purchase, you are guaranteed free consultancy from their diet specialists whenever you want, wherever you are. And all this is for free. Absolutely free.

Crazy offers

hCG 1234 are at it again, with awesome offers that you just can’t resist passing by without taking a look at.

  • 1 bottle = $55.98
  • 2bottles= $79.98
  • 4 bottles= $109.98
  • 6 bottles= $129.98

Now do the math and you tell me if this isn’t what you are looking for.  The more you purchase, the lesser the price. The more the merrier. Cheers to that!

hCG 1234 Drops

Product Guarantee

  • Free shipping for HCG 1234 products anywhere in the U.S
  • Friendly prices
  • No additional charges
  • 100% money back assurance in case you are not satisfied with the product

HCG 1234 has gotten plenty of positive feedback from its users. Many consider as a better alternative to weight loss, better than surgery. Plus it is a cheaper method of losing weight. It’s worth a try.

Shannon, a self employed, foodie and social media junkie lives in St.Louis,MO .Formerly a Nutritionist who left a professional career stay at home with kids. Currently obsessed with blogging and marketing weight loss stuff to make her living.

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