HCG Drops Direct Review

There are many among you who are wondering about the effectiveness of the HCG diets when many agencies seek to defame it. With many satisfied users of the treatment, it proves the claim of effective removal of unwanted fats from the body and giving it a new lease of life. However, to get the desired results from any treatment, you will have to follow all the cited instructions carefully and without fail. The success of the technique depends on the foundations made of the drops, diet and the dietary protocol. Any deviation from the laid path will lead to failure.

Understand working of HCG

HCG Drops direct is a hormone-based treatment that involves the use of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) produced in the body of pregnant human women. It allows to metabolize the fats of the body to supply energy to the body, keeping the mother and the baby healthy when resources from outside cease. Unlike in cases of pregnant women, the treatment uses very small quantities of the hormone in the procedure. It is effective for both women and men as the hormone is available in all humans, irrespective of gender. Although the treatment is safe, it helps to consult the doctors before lowering the calorie intake.

HCG diets against fasting

When the intake of calories reduces, the body retains a lot of the fats for emergencies. In such situations, the metabolism slows down, hence the sluggishness when on a hardcore diet. However, in the case of HCG diets, not only do you reduce your calories, but also restrict them in such a manner that barring carbohydrates, all other nutrients enter your body. The special diet plan works to that effect. Additionally, since the body is “pregnant” and facing a shortage of calories, brain will begin using reserve fats of the body to keep up the metabolism with minimal discomfort.

Typical meal plan

Any given day, a meal plan during the HCG drops direct comprises of:

  • Breakfast: Water, green and herbal teas, coffee and one fruit
  • Lunch: 100 grams of vegetables, lean meat and one of the beverages from breakfast
  • Afternoon snack: Some fruit and low starch crackers
  • Dinner: 100 grams of lean meat, vegetables and again any one of the beverages mentioned above

It is important to keep note never to have the same protein twice a day. You should also not consume two meals of fruits or vegetables together. The fruit in the breakfast can be moved to the dinner stage.


Stages of HCG Drops Direct

The HCG Drops Direct follows a strict pattern. The protocol mentions it quite clearly and has immense implications.

  • Loading Stage: It involves beginning the intake of calorie-rich foods. It helps to prepare the body for the hormone and takes two days.
  • Burning Stage: For the next 26 to 43 days, you will have to eat the foods mentioned in the meal plan and continue the intake of the HCG drops. This stage sees the highest amount of weight loss.
  • Maintenance Stage: Under this stage, the body is taught to maintain the shape it gained in the diet. The calories are enhanced to 1500 but without starch or sugars.

Hunger pangs management

The diet plan aims at reducing your calorie intake. Therefore, you will reduce the portions as well as the kind of ingredients that find place on your plate. However, unlike reducing your food which makes your body clamor for it, here, the HCG redirects the fats to fulfill the needs. Nevertheless, for the body used to having heavy meals, it could prove mildly irritating. The mild hunger occurring in the initial days fade in a matter of days. Later even the lightest of meals will feel fulfilling. In fact, many have been noted as feeling full after consuming a 500 calorie diet.

Medical conditions and HCG diet

When you suffer from an ailment, that you believe could become a problem in following HCG diets, consult with your doctor. The medical inferences will help determine a more conducive plan for you. Pregnant women should not take HCG as they need to ensure the health of the baby. Their bodies have ample stock of the hormone at these times. However, to keep a good shape, they can indulge in prenatal exercise as per directions from their obstetrician. Additionally, if you get pregnant when following the diet course, stop the course immediately without fail and get in touch with your doctor.

Advantages of using HCG

There are many advantages of using the HCG drops direct.

  • Helps inculcate healthy food and lifestyle habits
  • Enhances fertility in some
  • Enhances metabolism and stamina
  • Helps to increase patience and self-control
  • Reduces cravings for junk food
  • Gets rid of alcoholism in many users
  • Emotional eating binges controlled
  • Helpful for both men and women equally
  • Helps regain confidence and self-worth
  • Supports and balances digestive systems
  • Fortifies the immune system with good health

There are many advantages that differ from person to person. All you need to remember is their effectiveness in making you look your best without harming your body one iota.

HCG drops direct and exercise

The course of the medicine strictly bars any form of strenuous exercise. You can practice mild forms of exercises to keep your movements fluid, like walking comfortably, light push-ups or sit-ups only if you cannot avoid it. The body moves on the edge of health and starvation when following the HCG diets. If pushed, it could either propel you into the abyss of starvation or increase your hunger to gigantic proportions. In the former case, you lose your stamina and thereby the commitment to the project you have undertaken. In the same token, do not cheat either. You will do no good to yourself by gorging.

Supplements to diet

The diet proposed under the HCG Drops direct happens to include almost every nutrient that the body needs. The manual recommends using the Vitamin B12 every day. It helps to keep you energetic and strong even under the stress of low-calorie intake. The liquid form of the vitamin gets absorbed directly into the body. You can also add a multivitamin that has no fat soluble product in it. Potassium consumption helps to reduce leg cramps, and a combination of Magnesium and calcium is great too. However, never ingest any form of fat, carbohydrate or starch into your body.