How HCG injections Work and Diet Plan For HCG Shots

There’s more to life than eating like a polar bear and being just a tub-full of lard. How about flaunting some sexy abs and slipping into a hot dress like a hot knife on the butter? Sounds exciting, right? But, with all that mess and pain around the entire idea of weight loss, eating some ice-cream buckets is an easier thing to do, and appetizing too. Weight loss could be an agonizing process, but rolling in blubber isn’t a great feeling as well. Excessive weight gain can result in several health-related problems, along with several psychological disorders, like depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. It’s therefore very necessary to look for sure-shot methods to promote weight loss and live healthier. And when it comes to faster and safer weight loss remedy, there’s no parallel to HCG Diet Injections – the most reliable method to make a ‘cut’ (excuse the pun) and control weight gain.

What is HCG?

HCG is an acronym meaning Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced by a woman’s placenta during pregnancy. HCG diet was primarily developed to assist individuals to slash their unwanted weight. Medical practitioners related the hormone’s effect during pregnancy and used it to develop a weight loss injection.

What are HCG shots?

They are also known as HCG injections and are medically certified hormones recommended for weight loss. The most applicable dose of HCG injection prescribed by doctors is 200 IU/day.

How HCG works to reduce weight

The HCG shots initiate the process of getting rid of fat cells. HCG enables the body to break down excess fats without having any effect on muscle tissues. No other functioning cell is affected except the fat cells.

Human body comprises a combination of both essential and non-essential fats. The essential fats play a vital role in the protection of delicate organs from external injury. Non-essential fats result in the accumulation of unwanted weight gains. These fats that cannot be utilized by the body are what HCG injections aim to eliminate.

The HCG works on the basis that the maximum intake of diet should be between 500 to 800 calories per day though some individuals tend to take in close to 1150 calories per day. The use of HCG injections breaks down the extra calories. Taking the recommended diet daily for a particular period of time and using HCG shots keeps the body at a constant metabolism and enables optimal performance of the body.

How do the HCG Injections work?

Many people have questioned the relationship between pregnancy and weight loss. How can a hormone that is produced to boost a growing baby’s nourishment contribute to weight loss? The pregnancy hormone is known to help the baby to break down any extra fat that the mother has to sustain the baby. The same method is used in cutting weight. Weight gain is a result of extra accumulated and unutilized fats in the body. When you inject yourself with HCG hormone, it breaks down the extra fats and helps you lose weight. These fats will be converted to energy to power your day without any need to do a strenuous exercise to remain healthy.

Where to buy HCG injections

Although you may not need a prescription from a doctor to buy the HCG injections, they are regulated, and one may need to get authority from a pharmacy. Many providers are available either online or from the nearest clinics or medical centers. The most important thing to ensure is that you go to certified and licensed pharmacies. Many people have become victims of fraud because of buying HCG shots from uncertified sources.

If you want to order HCG shots online, it is prudent to make sure the source is licensed. Getting the best providers will deliver the dose within the stipulated time and attach all the possible information that you need.  The best providers of the HCG online are mostly medical practitioners and among them is Nu Image.

Nuimage hcg weight loss

Nu Image Medical

Nu Image Medical is one of the reliable websites for HCG products. This website is best known for to have among of the simplest processes of buying HCG injections. Nu Image also offers the best advice to individuals on how to cut their weight using the products. You are only required to visit Nu Image´s website and make an order not forgetting to indicate the length of time you wish to take the diet in order to get the right dosage. Nu Image also requires you to select the method of administration of the diet. This will enable the company to send the product form that matches your description.

Nu Image has different forms of the product in their store to meet the varied client demands. The HCG hormone is available in drops, pellet, and most remarkably injections. HCG injection is widely used due to its greater rate of absorption.

Nu Image offers a full HCG kit with a recommendation of buying vitamin B-12 and MIC. These supplements which are also supplied by Nu Image are essential to boost body metabolism.

How to take the HCG Shots

The most common way of taking HGC shots is through injections. Drops and pellets are also available although they are not commonly used. The method used to take the shots depends on an individual. People who don’t prefer injections can opt for the drops or pellets.

If you haven’t tried the HCG injections, perhaps it is time you tried it. Get rid of that stressing extra weight that has become a thorn in your flesh. Make a point of ordering an HCG Injection and get better results. It is simple, reliable and cheap.


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Note: One should have HCG shots under doctor’s supervision.