How HCG injections Work and Diet Plan For HCG Shots

HCG injections are the most direct way to inject the natural HCG hormone into the bloodstream. With injections, you can avoid feeling starved and hungry while eating much less in order to stay within the calorie requirements of the HCG diet. During the diet, you can choose to go for HCG drops which are taken sublingually or go for injections. To make this decision, you need to consult a medical professional who will advise you appropriately on what is suitable for you.

Why HCG injections?

Injections are preferred as a more direct way to introduce the HCG hormone into your body. It helps bypass the various processes involved before they are finally absorbed into the body. Injections have proven to be very effective in many ways, and many people are using them to shed pounds. When choosing the best type of HCG to use in injections, consider where the product comes from. Ensure that the injection liquid does not contain fillers and other unwanted filler since this can be detrimental to its effectiveness. And your health may be put on the line too.

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What to avoid

While using injections, it is advisable that you avoid any form of rigorous exercise that will deplete your energy. Keep it simple and follow the given instructions for use. Take caution as to the type of HCG product that you use for injection. Go for pure HCG with no additives of any form. There are several clones in the market that guise as the real HCG. Carry out a comprehensive search of the real product.

HCG shots will definitely give you admirable results within a short period of time. Be consistent in your injection intervals.

What are the side effects?

Certain HCG injections have shown some signs of mild side effects ranging from nausea and dizziness. This is however nothing much to worry about. It passes off with regular use when you acclimatize to injections.

Where to start

It can be frightening to decide on the best injection kit. There are several essentials that every injection kit must have including

  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • At least 25 syringes to inject
  • A mixing kit
  • Prescription and guidelines
  • 5000 IU HCG

HCG injections provide a viable option for those who prefer more flexibility and guaranteed effectiveness.

Low-calorie diet and doses of the hormone can help you to lose almost two pounds a day. Well, it might seem to be unbelievable, but with HCG it is possible. If you have tried too hard to change your lifestyles, then using this hormone will help you to reduce weight successfully. The hormone is found in pregnant women in initial stages. HCG Diet plan comprises of either diet drops or injection depending on your convenience. Dosage might vary based on the medium, as the quantity used in drops is more than that in the injection. The daily dose of hormone is paired with a strict diet for effective weight loss.

A strict protocol

You can experience weight loss at an exponential rate with the daily dose. A majority of these diet plans rely on a 500 calorie diet that comprises of protein, vegetable, fruits and bread. As per the original protocol designed by Dr. Simeons you have to follow the restricted diet ardently. You cannot use body lotions, creams, oils and other related products when following the protocol as this might affect the result. You have to follow cycles of twenty-three days or forty-six days to get effective result. Well, you do not have to exercise when on this strict regime.

Perfect quantity of food

This hormone along with the low-calorie diet helps in reducing the appetite. Unlike other diet plans, you will not feel hunger pangs anymore. Though this diet plan comprises of small ounces of vegetable, bread and protein source, you will never feel starved. Contents of this diet plan ensure that the body gets essential elements. Protein contents help in boosting the metabolism. Eating in perfect quantities while on hCG Diet has proved beneficial for users. Quantity, calorie content, and nature of food vary in different phases of this protocol.

Benefits of this diet plan

If you are wondering the importance of this diet plan for weight loss, then you can go through various clinical studies that highlight the significance of low-calorie diet for weight loss. There are numerous benefits of using hCG Injections along with an appropriate diet plan. It improves metabolism that is necessary for losing weight. If you have struggled hard to change your eating habits then, this diet plan will pave the way for the same. This diet plan will help you to adopt healthy eating habits. Since sugar and starch content is not included in the diet plan, it will help you get rid of sugar cravings.

Beneficial for well-being

Even after completion of the protocol, you need to follow a strict diet plan to achieve a permanent effect on weight loss. Losing those extra pounds is now easy with this incredible diet drop. You can feel a boost in self-esteem and confidence along with improved health. Since the deposited fat will be burned to release energy that the body uses for various functions, you will feel the zeal. Users believe that you will stay motivated to stay glued to this protocol. You will experience less of joint pain, and improvement in blood pressure and sugar levels along with rapid weight loss.

Note: One should have HCG diet shots under doctor’s supervision.

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