HCG Triumph Review

Why HCG Triumph will become your favorite product this summer

So you are probably browsing through all the different types and options of HCG products and you’re wondering which one to choose?

Then you may find this review of HCG Triumph very helpful.

It will highlight the main pros and cons of the drops, what are its benefits for your body and how is it working.

Remember to choose the right product that will work for you and your individual needs even if it doesn’t help your best friend or your mom. All bodies are different and respond differently to change.

What exactly is the purpose of the HCG Triumph drops?

HomepagePromoThink about them as the facilitator of your weight loss adventure.

If you go on a vacation you will spare a lot of time and efforts if you use a local tour guide. If you train in the gym with an experienced trainer you will achieve better and faster results than if you exercise at home.

The same way HCG Triumph facilitates your journey to the desired body by enhancing the results and maintaining a healthy organism during the HCG low-calorie diet intake.

What makes the HCG Triumph drops safe for use?

Long and solid background medical research and development. In the 50s the inventor of the HCG program for weight loss Dr. Simeons began his experiments to reveal the advantages of using low dosages of human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG to lose weight.

He never thought that he was going to provide the large population of struggling with excess weight people a miracle to ease their fight.

The basic idea of the HCG program is to make the body itself to feed on the fat depots on the problem areas while losing weight and still staying vital and healthy.

effectively. It removes all the fat that is redundant in the body by using a loophole in the hormones of the endocrine system of your body.

Do you know that HCG Triumph fights the stubborn visceral fats successfully?

These nasty lil’ fats that hide in the cavities within the abdomen around the organs are the most dangerous and stubborn kind. They require a concentrated and safe method to remove them without any additional harms on the vital organs. Excessive exercise or medication will do just that and leave you worse off than before. Using the HCG Triumph kit will ensure that you have no side effects from the technique as well as get rid of the excess calories

Now let’s go through the whole process of the HCG Program again to clarify the basics

As you probably know already the HCG hormone is a hormone produced by pregnant bodies in order to nourish the placenta. It protects the fetus from harm.

The HCG Triumph weight loss procedure involves following a specialized diet that allows intake of just 500 calories for a whole day focusing on all nutrients except carbohydrates.

The HCG injected or ingested by the body ensures that the fetus receives nutrition and uses all the reserve carbohydrates stored as fats.

That way you lose weight but never lack energy because your body provides it. Your body uses up all the fats without any harmful elements entering your body or overexertion.

What will you find inside of a HCG Triumph Kit?


You read that right. You will get a whole kit, not just one product. You will receive:

– Supply of the HCG drops for the period you’ve chosen
– Vitamin B12 complex to supply additional nutrition for you
– HCG Diet manual to help you choose the right meals

HCG Diet protocol to help you follow the right schedule of the program
– Recipes to cook delicious meals according to the diet plan
– Useful grocery list to carry when shopping for provisions in the store
– Numbers and contact details for free support if you need
– Tips to get easily accustomed to the program

Find out the specific stages of HCG protocol for best results and less stress

Usage protocol of the HCG Triumph kit is crucial if you strive for perfect results, so try not to miss the dates.

  • Fat Loading: Eat lots of fatty foods. Do this when starting the HCG diet for first two days.
  • Low Calorie: From day 3 through days 26 or 40, have just 500 calories a day. Follow the restrictive diet and have Vitamin B supplement to maintain energy.
  • Withdrawal: Stop taking the drops after 26 or 40 days, as per the kit chosen by you. Stay on the 500 calorie diet. The HCG leaves the body after three days.
  • Maintenance: Move to 1500 calorie diet as instructed through five food intakes. Avoid carbohydrates and sugars.

What is the structured diet plan you should follow while taking HCG Triumph?

The HCG diet plan is the fundamental part of the whole journey. Do your best and follow the directions carefully. Eat exactly what the diet chart mentions. There are four classes of foods allowed in this system.

  1. Fruits include lemons, oranges, apples, red grapefruit and strawberries.
  2. Fresh leafy vegetables, asparagus, red radishes, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and chard are allowed.
  3. Shellfish, lean meats, white fish and chicken breasts find their place in the list too.
  4. Finally, the miscellaneous items like specific type of breads, green tea, sea salt and stevia can be added to your diet too.

The diet is aimed to supply all the nutrients without any carbohydrates.

The three different HCG Triumph types to answer your specific needs

  • Hormone Free formula to help you lose weight without any hormone treatment. It contains natural components that combine to create a conflagration of chemical reactions mimicking HCG. Commonly users lose up to 10 pounds using this type.
  • HCG Triumph 26 is a special hormone-based formula that can help you lose about 30 pounds. It follows the protocol scheduled for 26 days of intake of the hormones.
  • HCG Triumph 40 is similar to the Triumph 26 formula except it finds use in reducing the weight of seriously overweight people. The procedure of medication spans over 40 days.

The best part – what are the benefits of taking HCG Triumph diet drops?

Not only you will see the benefits when flattering your new body but you will feel them in your mind as well:

  1.  Lose weight safely and look amazing
  2.  Boosted metabolism = more energy and good mood
  3. Adopt healthy food habits and lifestyle forever
  4. Learn the magic of the self-discipline and boost your confidence
  5. Burn more fats naturally while suppressing cravings for junk food
  6. See the results in the mirror every single day

Remember, all this will be possible only if you follow the directions correctly. The strict directions will also ensure that you will not experience unwanted side-effects.

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Some smart and useful tips and tricks to master the weight loss game

Headaches are common when the body feels a dearth of fluids in the body. Drink more water and replenish your strength. Don’t take caffeinated drinks at all. Using green coffee and b-vitamin can go a long way with caffeine withdrawal.
With the change in diet and reduction of intake, hunger pangs are common. Space out your meals to curb the empty feelings. Eat your vegetables to keep your system clear and do not take much stress as you tend to in the stage of medication.
Finally, if you want to eat properly and stay healthy long-term with no weight issues, never cheat. It defeats the whole purpose.