How I controlled my appetite with 10 easy ways

banner4Natasha lost 40 lbs. in just 60 days and her incredible story of how she managed to lose all this weight included ways in which she was able to control her appetite. She says being able to control your appetite is important in keeping the excess weight at bay.

Controlling your appetite can be a mount to climb especially if you are used to the bad eating habits which you find difficult to abandon. I was used to these bad eating habits which made my cravings even worse. Here are 10 pragmatic and actionable ways in which you can use to control your appetite.

  1. Drinking a lot of water

Taking a lot of water not only prevents you from dehydration but also improves eating habits. This is because water keeps you away from unnecessary snacking.

  1. Using HCG drops

HCG drops are of great value for those who are worse affected by eating habits. HCG drops help you adapt to a more controlled diet which helps you avoid the excessive appetite. The diet plan of HCG which consists of four phases is designed to combat cravings for fatty foods and other junk food. And the scoring point for HCG drops is that you will not feel hunger even when your diet is restricted to a 500 calorie. Also, these drops are safe and naturally formulated using the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone.

  1. Increase your protein level

Proteins play a key role in sustaining energy. This is so because proteins act as a substitute for cravings or excessive eating. When you revamp your protein intake, you will consequently need less to eat to provide energy. This can be done by using foods such as cheese and veggie omelet, cereal and fruit milk, yoghurt and nuts.

  1. Eat less more frequently

Eating smaller amounts of food more often will be more beneficial than taking large meals in spaced intervals. Eating large amounts of food less frequently invites your cravings and this becomes a menace that you would want to avoid. It has been proven that those who eat small quantities of food frequent times, are able to kick out their previous bad eating habits and cravings.

  1. Let go of stress

stressStress causes tension, depression and a mental disorientation which is then vented to the stomach by way of cravings. These cravings are the reason for your unwanted appetite. So getting to the gist of the problem, is by reducing stress and letting go of tension and anxiety. Those who are happy and relaxed have a healthier eating habit compared to their stressed counterparts.

  1. Getting enough sleep

Enough sleep helps you re-energize yourself and redirects your focus to more productive ways. By redirecting your focus and concentration, you are able to avoid the vile eating habits which deteriorate your appetite.

  1. Take a good breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Taking a sumptuous breakfast will give your metabolism a good head start which helps you feel fuller and energized throughout the day.

  1. Eat healthy after-meal snacks

Healthy snacks will give you a better chance to control your appetite and cravings. Taking healthy snacks such as fruits or tea will do, than a bar of chocolate.

  1. Engage yourself

Don’t let yourself get bored or else your appetite will take charge. The “Bored at Work” appetite has taken many victims and you don’t want to be one. To keep off this, find something engaging and useful to do.

  1. Decide in your mind

You don’t have to eat every time you feel like. Research has revealed that making an astute decision to avoid cravings, and working upon that, will help you overcome bad eating habits which affect your appetite.

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