How to Lose Weight the right way: THE HCG WAY

HCG diet is straightforward plan, which is very simple to follow. HCG means Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin hormone, which is released during time of pregnancy in women. HCG reduces hunger and fulfils satiety which helps you to reduce weight loss. HCG diet plan comes with an adjunct to normal low fat diet in which HCG is administered orally in form of drops or in form of less popular injections

How Losing weight using HCG diet becomes easier ?

The problem of obesity is faced by the maximum number of people in the present day . This is not a small problem as it seems but has major health issues related to it, over weight leads to cardiac problems; breathing problems, diabetes, and also some rare cases of cancer.

These issues take place due to many reasons, especially due to the lack of physical exercise and improper food habits. Overweight affects the lifestyle of a person severely. The muscle endurance is lost; one cannot work for longer time, it becomes difficult for one to breathe resulting in fatigue and tiring easily. Hence diet plays a major role in taking appropriate measures to lose weight as fast as possible.

But let’s face it, while on the HCG diet you have to be conscious of everything you consume. One thing for sure people who have tested HCG diet actually claim it to work. This comes as a fact of evidence when people on Facebook asking for a more detailed meal plan so as to prepare food the night before.

HCG Diet: Developed for rapid weight Loss

The HCG diet claims to be regulated in FDA approved lab with health experts who have spent years researching on the body energy requirements and importance of balanced nutrition during weight loss. It has been claimed that thousands of people who have used the HCG diet were successful in body weight loss with little or no side effects.

Rules of HCG diet to be followed

The HCG Diet has rules to be followed; its required  that only one vegetable per meal be consumed, prohibiting  the use of oil, body lotions and dietary fibre rich products, with  limited use of the HCG hormone to uneven cycles of 23 to 46 days. The Diet also does not allow any form of physical exercise.  To sum it up there have been  no hard and fast published guidelines on the dosage of HCG hormone; which results in  most providers of this diet  using random inappropriate dosing of the prescription hormone which is analogous to the Simeons Protocol.

HCG diet plan

HCG diet effectively removes visceral fats

People may have problem areas in their body that refuse to conform to any method adopted including strenuous exercise to shed those extra inches around the stomach abdomen and buttocks.  Visceral fats is responsible that doesn’t respond to any exercise that burns fat layers. HCG diet has been proven to provide a concentrated and safe method to remove them without harming the vital organs. HCG diet especially HCG Triumph kit has ensured that it has no side effects from the technique as well as get rid of the excess calories effectively

Stages of HCG triumph protocol

Usage protocol of the HCG Triumph kit is crucial, and you should never miss the dates.

  • Fat Loading: Eating fatty foods. Do this when starting the HCG diet for first two days.
  • Low Calorie: From day 3 to days 26 or 40, restrict to just 500 calories a day. Follow the restrictive diet with Vitamin B supplement to maintain energy.
  • Withdrawal: Cease taking the drops after 26 or 40 days, as per the kit chosen and its guidelines. Stay on the 500 calorie diet. The HCG leaves the body after three days.
  • Maintenance: Move to 1500 calorie diet as instructed through five food intakes. Avoid fatty food carbohydrates and sugars.

Tips to Lose Weight Safely

While on HCG diet, most people don’t experience any side effects but for those who complain of headaches and dizziness, it can be corrected with proper hydration. Here are some tips to ensure you lose weight safely with no side effects while on the HCG diet:

  • Follow the directions exactly
  • Do not skip meals
  • Remember to stay hydrated

Advantages of HCG, And why Many People are in Favour of it:

  • One of the strong advantages of HCG: It’s the fastest way to reduce weight than any other method of weight loss with little or no physical exercise
  • People always prefer easy way out, so any treatment option that doesn’t need exercise regularly to reduce their weight is always enticing. This thought of mind of people helped HCG diet and remains successful in achieving results
  • HCG diet plan causes little or no side effects.

What doctors suggests about HCG diet?

Doctors clearly suggest that HCG hormone will be found in the pregnancy of women which it helps in the treatment of women fertility and is used for the treatment of endocrine disorders in man. HCG will help to reduce weight and is claimed to be recommended by doctors, nutritionists and FDA.

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