How Vitamin D and Calcium Help in Fat Loss with HCG Drops Diet

In the HCG diet, vitamin D and Calcium intake is recommended because of the roles that they have to play when it comes to weight loss. This is especially so when it pertains to the loss of abdominal fat. Combining both calcium and vitamin D has proven to work, and this is very much encouraged in the HCG Drops diet.

Eating at least three servings of low-fat dairy products which are rich in Calcium, will ensure you get the recommended amount which will work together with vitamin D to lead to abdominal fat loss. Calcium is also very important to your body in strengthening and maintaining the health of your bones.

When using HCG drops to lose weight, it is very important that you increase your intake of dietary calcium. This is because calcium prevents weight regain after losing through HCG drops diet.

Why Calcium is important in your HCG diet

The role which calcium plays in weight loss is one that is promising and beneficial at the same time. This is especially evident when you are losing weight in a calorie restricted diet.

According to a recent study which was carried out to compare the role of calcium in a calorie-restricted diet and a diet which did not include any calcium but was still calorie restricted, it was found that the former lost weight successfully.

Adding calcium in your calorie-restricted diet can be done by simply including a low-fat dairy serving, at least three times in a day. This will provide you with the recommended amount of calcium. Alternatively, you can go for non-fat dairy products such as yogurt and skim milk, broccoli, green leafy, canned sardines and calcium-fortified juice.

Calcium also helps in boosting your metabolism, hence aiding you in weight loss.

Role of vitamin D in fat loss

The role of vitamin D is very evident when it comes to weight loss. Many people who are overweight have been observed to have low levels of vitamin D. The role of vitamin D in fat loss is far reaching and it is thought that the level of Vitamin D influences the hypothalamus in releasing hunger stimulating hormones.

When you have low levels of vitamin D, the hypothalamus increases the body weight set point. In fighting abdominal fat, vitamin D helps by preventing the growth and maturation of fat cells. Vitamin D can be obtained naturally by simply going outside in the sun and exposing yourself to the Ultra Violet rays of the sun. You can also opt for food sources which are rich in vitamin D such as fatty fish, milk and cereals, which you can add to your HCG diet plan.

The impact of supplementing vitamin D and Calcium in your HCG Drops diet is that, they will both lead to abdominal fat loss. This is because of the effect that they both bring by reducing fat mass. They also generally boost your health while improving other markers of health such as reducing triglyceride levels and TNF-alpha, a cellular marker of inflammation. This will help you lose fat effectively while playing a vital role in your health.

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