Once a person made his or her mind, to lose weight with HCG diet, many random questions come to his or her mind. Who makes it to the hit list of HCG drops? -More than getting the answer to this question, often our customers hunt as to on what reasons we rank the HCG drops available online in the market. To be truthful, nobody has got the time to stick their eyeballs to the screen of the computer and search the endless number of HCG drops available individually. Everything happens at a click of 1-2-3! And that is why we rank it too according to 1-2-3! While looking at Google Trends, we look at who is getting the most searches from the US. Out of these 3, HCG Complex had the most searches, So it is rated as #1 in our portal. Similarly, by their searches and reviews in Google, the other products rankings are given. So, are you ready to know how we rank your best weight loss solution- the HCG drops in our website? Find out here:

Google’s grading factor!

Checking the latest Google trends or the Google grading factors is one of the vital factors which is being instrumental behind the ranking of our products. Right here, we can find out how HCG Complex, HCG 1234, and HCG Triumph are overcoming other searched brands of HCG drops. So, what happens when a brand tops the list? It gradually pulls in more and more attention of the audience, who first look into these brands specific features, compares it with the other brands following the list. On comparison when the audience finds out that these are nothing but the best, they reorder the best that tops the list. And accordingly, those brands top our list as well! To make it easier for you to understand, let’s look at the Google Trends of HCG Complex here:
hcg complex google trend
Here you can see the gradual rise in the graph which indicates the increasing user demand of the HCG Complex. In April 2016, it touched the peak and thus it is one of the factors for listing it as #1 and there are many other factors like user reviews, Company reputation etc.

Customer reviews and satisfaction!

We get to know which brand is doing well when we look into the popularity of the product on the popular and reliable e-commerce portals. A good brand is the one that stands true to its value and quality by serving the customers in the best way possible. So, customer satisfaction, the results they have achieved and their reviews are what matters the most. These are what we look at before we rank the quality products in the list of HCG drops on our website. And gradually when the customers search on the web, what they find is the best products that have surpassed expected results, reviews and success rates.

customer reviews

What’s in the mix? – The quality ingredients!

Regardless of the other two reasons mentioned above, it is the ingredients list and quality that determines whether the HCG product is worth it or not. Often customers have been seen complaining about the companies selling off products by faking about its ingredients list. There are positive reviews of products as well where customers ensure the quality and authenticity of the ingredients. So, when you see the ranking of the products on our website which is done based on all these factors, you would know where exactly to lay your trust, yes in the truth of the rankings we provide.


How does it get made? – The manufacturing process

HCG drops, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin drops are produced from the human hormone having the same name which is found in the body of the pregnant women. These hormones are extracted from the pituitary gland of women or from the urine of pregnant women which are later used to manufacture the HCG drops. So, knowing about the manufacturing process of the HCG drops you are planning to use is very crucial for your weight loss program. And it is equally important for us to understand which brand follows the manufacturing process religiously without any glitches. The one that does not deviate from the way it is supposed to be is the one that ranks the list of our best HCG drops.

It’s money that matters at the end! – Affordable Price

If you are looking for a solution to overcome your weight loss problems, you even have to pay a price for it. HCG drops are not so affordable, but if you just lay your attention on HCG Complex, HCG 1234 and HCG Triumph, you would be saving on some big bucks altogether.

Are they very inexpensive compared to others in the market? No, not that much. Then, what’s the trick? Well, while using these you don’t have to waste your time, energy and money on not-so-important things such as other food items, meetings with doctors regularly, paying to get rid of side-effects and some other random stuff. So, when we rank the best HCG products, if though they are expensive, you will know you are purchasing the best that doesn’t come with any additional costs.

The word of mouth – Guaranteed credibility!

How do we determine that these top companies selling the top best products are highly credible? We understand it from the strong yet flexible marketing plan that they have backed up by the trust grade seal that they provide on the product. They aren’t just ranked for the sake of it, but for a reason. Inspected by the FDA, these HCG products have succeeded the credibility level and guarantee each and every customer what they have enlisted to offer. This guaranteed credibility is a vital criterion based on which we gave these drops the top ranking in our website.

What’s the mantra? – Desirable effectiveness and result!

The HCG drops naturally undergoes variations when produced by various brands. All are not similar in their content,  in terms of effectiveness and performance. Wondering then how the top three drops made their way to the top list? From the list of various drops belonging to different brands, the ones that provide full effectiveness to the user in a short period are the drops that get victorious over others and get the top rank on our list. So, yes, effectiveness and the time of result does play a vital role in determining which HCG drop is the paramount weight loss solution for you.

Is it really safe? – Safety is important!

Regardless of what the price of the product is, how effective it is, what is the content of HCG in it, a very common question usually asked by the customers that demand a clear-cut answer is whether it is safe or not. HCG drops are safe as these are natural and don’t involve any chemicals in their composition. But the brands that provide 100% safety to the users is the ones that win everybody’s heart and get the top most position in our ranking as well. It’s time you think plan your weight loss program with the HCG drops that aren’t harmful at all.

Is it popular enough? – The reorder rate!

E-commerce portals have become an essential platform and have proved to be a reliable source too. People search products based on the reorder rate that it holds on the popular e-commerce platforms that help in decision making. Therefore, a brand that has got a higher reorder rate have got the chances to be customer’s favourite too. We also follow what our customers choose to buy again and again based on their satisfaction, and accordingly, the most frequently ordered products get their ranking on our list.

So, in this way we rank our top products based on the above-mentioned factors and abide by the rules to show the customers the right and the most efficient path that leads to success. Whether you choose solution A or solution B, you know you would get the best as you have opted for the desirable product that has made its way to our ranking list of HCG products after going through a number of tests, passing many quality checks and standing out on several criteria. Now, it is your turn to be wise and choose your pick from the top three products on our list to start with your weight loss program!