Learn How To Lose 10% of Body Fat In A Month

To melt down body fat does not necessarily have to take long, doing some simple workouts and eating the right things will do the trick for you. You can lose 10% of body fat within just a month, and if you follow up to the core, 5% of your body fat can be lost in just a week. One of the reasons many people struggle in burning fat is because they do not understand the mechanism in which their body and hormones work. Understanding this and then following up with the right exercise and eating the right things will give you the desired results. Here are ways in which you can lose up to 10% of your body fat in as little as one month.

  1. Drink Green Tea

Green-Tea-DietMany types of tea have been associated with weight loss as they are regarded to be super slimming drinks. As for the Korean Ginseng, it has added health benefits and helps in stabilizing your blood sugar levels. It is also helpful in getting rid of stomach bloats and keeping the stomach flat which is vital when you are losing body fat.

  1. Doing drop sets

This type of resistance training will keep you up to the pace when you perform various exercises at maximum possible resistance using weights. This is often done for a number of reps. Every time perform six reps for three to four sets to ensure body definition and strength increase. Reduce the weights progressively and keep doing the reps until you can do no more and proceed to the next exercise.


  1. Avoid cardio

 jogging-workoutProlonged cardio will burn fat but the downside to it is that it will also burn muscle. This is not a healthy option. Instead, a short drop set workout will do the job for you rather than long hours of cardio.


  1. Doing heavy lifts

fitnessworkoutsThat sounds scary but it doesn’t have to. Doing it simple and intensively is the key to burning fat. Lifting heavy weights in a drop set workout will ensure you burn fat effectively and in the shortest span of time without getting bulky.


  1. Take out sugar

Fatty foods does not make you fat. Our body relies on carbohydrates, proteins and fat as energy sources but will prefer to use sugar and carbs containing high Glycaemic Index and high Glycaemic load as the first source of energy. When they are not present, the body will resort to body fat as the source of energy which it will eventually start to burn.


  1. HCG drops supplements

HCG drops are effective diet supplementshcgcomplex that help burn excess body fat effectively and naturally. By using the drops, the hypothalamus is stimulated to release hormones that burn body fat. This in turn results in weight loss. This is a reliable way to lose fat within a very short time.


  1. Say No to alcohol

Drinking alcohol gives your body an alternative source of energy other than fats. Alcohol is converted into energy when taken and this energy is used to fuel the body. Alcohol has also been known to stall the metabolism rate which means no fat is burned.


  1. Drink water

chilled waterKeeping a water bottle by your side could prove to be the difference. Water is vital in burning fat and also in maintaining muscle mass. The trick is therefore to drink a lot of water in order to experience results.


  1. Plan before you start

You want to lose body fat and beat the time record. Well, that is good, but you must prepare and plan. Without planning, you will be susceptible to making mistakes and errors that will prove costly enough when you don’t achieve what you wanted. The secret is to plan before starting out on anything.

By following the above ways, you will certainly melt down fat within a record time of just a month. Try out and see the results for yourself.

Shannon, a self employed, foodie and social media junkie lives in St.Louis,MO .Formerly a Nutritionist who left a professional career stay at home with kids. Currently obsessed with blogging and marketing weight loss stuff to make her living.

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