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For people adopting an HCG diet, they need to include HCG drops to their diet. They are important in that they work together with the low-caloric diet to instigate weight loss. The required dosage of HCG drops varies depending on your weight goals and how much you would like to lose. So, it is important that you have the right procedures for mixing your own HCG drops on your fingertips. The recipe is really simple, but it needs a lot of concentration and preciseness during preparation. There are a few precautions to take with the preparation of HCG drops, and they are crucial in ensuring that you prepare them in the right way.

hcg vial 5000 IU

What you need

  • Alcohol
  • 1ml and 10ml syringes
  • Sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water
  • Vial of 5000 IU’s of HCG
  • Amber glass bottle

Preparing method  

  • Clean and disinfect the counter and the containers you will use in the preparation. Use alcohol to sterilize the vial.
  • Remove all of the ingredients and place them on top of the counter.
  • Remove the caps from the HCG vial and the containers needed for preparation.
  • Use the 10ml syringe to suck up the bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the syringe.
  • Add 8cc’s of the fluid into the glass and the other 2cc’s add to the HCG vial.
  • Swirl and swish the vial gently or roll the vial in a back and forth motion with your fingers. Make sure that the powdered HCG completely mixes with the liquid.
  • Withdraw the dissolved HCG drops and drain it out in the amber glass bottle. Make sure you get every little bit of it inside the bottle.

Draw out 3cc’s of the HCG drops for your first dosage and dispense it under your tongue. Hold it there for about five minutes. As for the rest of the drops, refrigerate it inside the amber glass bottle. In preparation, you can make your HCG drops concentrated or dilute depending on your weight loss timeline. The HCG drops prepared are meant to last at least for 30 days after which you should dispose of it. For concentrated HCG drops, you need to use less amount of sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water as well as the dosage you take on the time intervals in a day. For optimal efficiency, it is recommended that you take at least 2-3 doses of HCG drops in a day.

Precautions to take when preparing HCG drops

There are a few things you should keep in mind when preparing the HCG drops. They are crucial in making sure that you do things the right way and make sure that everything remains uncontaminated.

  • When cleaning the vial with alcohol, make sure you clean in one direction. If you rub it off back and forth, you will be spreading any contaminants present on the vial all around it. If you want to clean the vials a second time, make sure you use a clean piece of cloth or pad.
  • You need to ascertain that the syringe you are using to withdraw the sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water should not have air bubbles. This is so that you can get the right measurement of the dissolving liquid you need to use. It is important when it comes to the dosage of the HCG drops and the period over which you will be using the drops.
  • The syringes need to be well labeled for easier measurement of the correct amount of dissolving liquid to use.
  • Do not shake the vial mixed with sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water vigorously. You are supposed to slightly swirl and continue doing so until all the HCG powder has dissolved.
  • It is important that you have the amber glass bottle for HCG drops storage. This is because the required container should not let in light to the drops. Also, remember to refrigerate after the HCG drops are ready.
  • When measuring the prepared HCG drops it is advisable to use a 3cc’s syringe that is at least 1.5” long. This is to make it easier to reach the content from the bottom of the HCG vial.
  • In case of a glass HCG vial, you need to break it with the right tool and be careful that no glass falls into the powder. For such a situation, it is wise to have at least 2 more HCG vials in storage to replace the glass-contaminated one.

Implementing the HCG drops in your HCG diet

When you start using the HCG drops in your diet, you need to start with the lowest amount. If you feel the need to, you can increase the dosage with time until your body gets used to the new dosage. You should be careful with your dosage because too much of the drops can negatively impact your body. After the loading stage with the HCG drops, make sure you accompany the dosage with a low-calorie diet to boost its performance.

Preparing HCG drops do not take much of your time or effort as it is easy to make. If you do not prepare the drops as instructed or required, regardless of the concentration, they might be ineffective. In simpler words, the drops will not help you lose weight. So, make sure that you disinfect everything you will be working with and use the right measurements for the ingredients.

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