Simone lost 188 pounds, Proves critics wrong by showing excess loose skin from weight loss

Simone Pretscherer Anderson, a make-up artist from New Zealand has lost 188 pounds in just 11 months. Her weight loss experience has not been easy going and she reveals that she had to deal with certain challenges in a roller coaster turn of events. She has no words to describe what has just occurred to her life and she is incredibly overwhelmed about it.  What seemed far from possible has become a reality to her and she has taken the step to share her weight loss experiences online.

Simone Pretscherer Anderson

A weight loss journey of 11 months requires a lot of patience and dedication, which she never faltered at any one point in time. She attained her weight loss goal through determination, will power, drive, motivation and compromise. Simone, now plans on maintaining her new weight and raising her fitness level by lifting more weights in the gym, taking full marathons, taking more ocean swims and sporting teams.

Her weight loss success has received censure from peers and online community who claim that her success is a fake after posting pictures of before and after weight loss. She continues to disprove her critics and silence the haters after she posted a photo showing the loose excess skin associated with lost fat. Critics are now beginning to agree that her weight loss is bonafide and real. Many skeptics pointed out differences between the two photos of before and after, and noting on the differences in her hair color and skin tone. Simone would respond by explaining each bit and that a lot can change within a span of 11 months, which is agreeably true.

Having lost over half of her initial weight from 169kg to 83.85kg, Simone is now focused on saving money for surgery. She wants to get rid of the excess skin. She continues to inspire others by sharing her experiences on Facebook and Instagram.

As a celebration for achieving her weight loss goal, she has thrown a party and also raising money for surgery through donations. ‘Give a little’ is her new donation page for surgery with an aim of raising $20,000 to cater for all the expenses. So far, she has collected donations amounting to $4,723 from 187 generous donors. All through the process of losing weight, Simone has not followed any calorie count but instead restricted herself entirely to proteins. It is not clear if she used HCG drops or any other diet program since she has not stated of any diet program as having assisted her to achieve her weight loss goal.

As evident from Simone’s weight loss journey, anybody can achieve the desired weight loss goal through persistence and dedication and also by monitoring your diet. This helped her lose a remarkable 188 pounds, which at first seems impossible but then it is not all unachievable. For those looking to lose weight successfully, it is advisable to follow a reliable and sure-to-deliver method such as using the best HCG drops. They have been proven and known to work if followed appropriately by sticking to the diet plan plus the following HCG dosage.