Stomach Balloon – New FDA approved weight loss aid

Stomach Balloon? The new approved weight loss aid

With many people battling out with obesity, new methods are emerging which give a new promising dimension to combat this ‘menace’. One of the recent promising aid for weight loss is the stomach balloon. This is an inflatable medical balloon which is designed to fill up spaces in the stomach. It is FDA approved and an improvement of the previous gastric balloon which was first used as a weight loss aid in 1997. But due to safety issues at that time, it was withdrawn since it could rupture in the stomach and result in blockage of arteries. This new stomach balloon is designed to address the failings of previous stomach devices and to also ensure safety of use.

stomach balloon insertion for weight loss

How to use the stomach balloon

The stomach balloon is inserted in the stomach using an endoscope which is then filled by a saline solution. During this process, the patient is sedated and usually for thirty minutes to allow for the process to complete.

Effectiveness of the stomach balloon

Recommended for people with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of between 30 and 40, the stomach balloon will result in a weight loss of up to 7% in six months. It is also ideal for people who do not want to lose weight through surgery, or those who have a complicated condition where they cannot lose weight through exercise or diets. However, upon removal of the balloon, the patients were studied and it was found that they had regained two-thirds of their lost weight.

Gastric banding weight loss aid

A more effective way of losing weight similar to the stomach balloon is through gastric banding. This is a stomach shrinking device which limits the amount of food intake. The effect of weight loss in this case is quite significant and can lead to a weight reduction of 17%. A popular gastric banding device is the LAP-Band. This weight loss aid is rapid and more effective than the balloon. However, the patients who opt for this method will have to put up with many challenges such as irritation in the esophagus, and vomiting in some cases. However, this weight loss aid does not guarantee permanent weight loss and it is more likely that the patients will regain nearly all of their lost weight in three years.

Gastric By-pass surgery

In this method, a small surgical procedure is carried out to connect an artificial small pouch with the small intestines. This method has proved to be effective and leads to weight loss of 30% which does not get back even after the weight loss period is over. Why would anyone want to insert a gastric balloon or undergo a gastric by-pass surgery when you have a more effective way of losing weight with hcg drops diet and other supplements that work.

gastric-bypass for weight loss

Stomach balloon distribution and availability

With this new weight loss aid, many people are looking for ways to acquire the device. However, in this initial stages the price and availability of the stomach balloon will vary with regions. This is because specialized and authorized providers will be required to carry out the procedure of inserting the balloons. The price of the balloon will also vary with regions and is yet to be known.