Top 9 Low Carb Foods To Shed Excess Weight

The key to success in your weight loss campaign starts right from your diet schedule plan. What do you eat? How often do you eat? And most importantly, is what you are eating aiding your journey to weight loss? These are some of the many questions that should be lingering in your mind as you visit your grocery store and making that shopping list.

Low carb diets have time and again passed the test to weight loss. They work in both ways to not only ensure you shed off those extra pounds but also keep you full enough to see you throughout the day.

We compiled a list of the type of foods you should be on the lookout for as you stroll through the food section as you shop.

Grilled Steak

grilled steakNow those juicy pieces of meat are nothing short of spectacular.  Meat generally has almost 0% carbs on it, save for some those organs like the liver, which may account for about 5% carbs. These are ideal served with some hot pepper just to stimulate your body to start burning up those extra fat tucked under your skin.

Moreover, red meat is packed with other important vitamins and minerals vital for the growth and development of the body. Iron and vitamin B12 feature prominently.

Carb count=0 grams per 2 ounces


eggsEggs practically contain almost no calories in its content. Research has it that having egg especially for breakfast increases your chances of losing even more weight.

How? Any nutritionist will tell you that skipping breakfast is a much quicker way to lose weight.

So having an egg included in your diet plan for breakfast ensures that you are full. This way, it ensures that you don’t feel hungry as your body burns those calories.

Carb count=1 gram per 2 eggs

Greek yoghurt

greekyogurtAlso known as ‘strained’ yoghurt, it has over the years gained some popularity among those in the weight loss scheme. This is a much thicker version of the normal yoghurt found at your local store.

With just 4 grams of   carbs in 100 grams the yoghurt, this should be part of your diet. It also has other beneficiary nutrients plus the high level of protein in it, important for the body

Carb count= 4g in 100 grams


Cheese is a good option especially for body builders who want to cut off those pounds and build more muscle. The amount of carbs in it is almost insignificant but it’s highly nutritious. Just a slice of cheese is equivalent to a whole glass of milk. (About 28 grams)

Carb count=0.4 grams per slice


broccoli for weight loss-minTwo ways one would describe broccoli; Cruciferous and tasty. Low in carbohydrates but high in fibre and calcium, broccoli are definitely your vegetable of choice to include in your diet. Vitamin K and C can also be sourced from broccoli, both important in blood circulation and clotting.

Carbs count=7grams in 100 grams of broccoli


chickenIt is the most common and popular type of meat found in the world. Maybe much of this can be attested due to its juicy taste especially when grilled.

It’s low in carbs and a superb source of protein. And we all know the essence of proteins in our bodies. Go for the wings and legs since they contain the lean meat which is less fatty.

Chicken also has an additional advantage in that it provides selenium. This is an antioxidant that reduces exercise induced stress.

Carb count= 0 carbs in 3 ounces


mushroomsMushrooms for a while have been known to be wild plants that grow on their own, so not many may be all smiling to be served mushroom for the first time.

They are low in carbs and contain moderate amounts of potassium and also immune-boosting compounds. In some eateries, they use in place of hamburgers burns, so you’ll just hoof it down without even realising. If you’ve never tried mushrooms, let alone its sweet thick soup, be my guest, then you’ll realise what you’ve been missing out on.

Carbs count=3 grams per 100grams

Whole grain cereals

brownriceWhole grain cereals are known for their high end source of fibre. Maize, almonds, wheat, and oats, you name it. A cup of whole grain oat porridge in the morning plays a long way in ensuring your weight loss. It ensures you are full throughout your day as your body metabolism works to burn off those extra pounds. Almonds on the other hand are loaded with magnesium, vitamin E and fibre all important for you. When grounded into fine flour, it is good for your pancakes and other baked foodstuff.

Carb count=6 grams in ¼ a cup


fishProbably the most common fish that surfaces is the salmon. The salmon is a carb-free protein source that is quite available in the fish market. Salmon is known for all the good reasons especially for those with health issues. The omega 3 fatty acids are manufactured from the salmon which is used as a health booster especially among kids. It stimulates muscle protein synthesis. It also contains iodine and vitamin B12 among others. The canned salmons are much easier to get in the market and are relatively cheaper than getting the whole of the fish.

Carb count=0 grams per1/2 ounce

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