Are You a Vegetarian? Embrace These Foods & Recipes in Your HCG Drop Diet Plans

Fortunately, everyone of us can eat vegetarian foods. Unfortunately though, most of the food guides on HCG drop diets recommend non-vegetarian food items and recipes, which vegetarians can’t try. That is why, we have come out with this post that talks about what all you can eat while on HCG diet if you are a vegetarian. The good news is that you don’t have to shell out big bucks to maintain a healthy vegan HCG Diet. Read on to find out what exciting we have in store for you.

Besides taking supplements, you need to follow HCG diet plan to shed those extra pounds.  Fortunately, There are many guides available on the web to do HCG diet for the Non-Veggies, but Vegans have to extensive research to find authentic information.

However we did the research for you, Here is an insight of all the details you need to know about the vegetarian HCG diet plan.

What is the HCG Diet plan?

For vegetarians, you simply need to follow a few things or the protocol whatever you like to call it as. In this protocol for vegetarians, you can consume 200 grams of protein, 1 cup of fruits, 2 cups of vegetable, and few no calorie or fewer calorie drinks. There is nothing else that you are allowed to eat other than this. You can drink green tea if you like to detoxify your body. Green tea will help you keep full.

Foods that you can accommodate in your diet plan

Being a vegetarian, you have lots of options in respect to food that you can add to your diet plan because HCG diet plan will mostly contain fruits and vegetables that is a plus point for all the vegetarians.

Proteins that are allowed on HCG diet

The proteins that are allowed on the HCG diet are egg white and cottage cheese. You need to keep in mind that you do not eat cottage cheese that is made from whole milk. Consume cottage cheese that is made out of skimmed milk.

Vegetables that you can eat on HCG diet

The vegetables that you can consume with HCG diet should be of no starchy nature and basically which are citrus and acidic in nature. Few of the vegetables that you can consume are cabbage, green salad, cucumber, tomato, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and onions.

Fruits that you can consume on HCG diet

The fruits that are allowed to eat in the HCG diet are the ones which contain less of sugar and more of citric acid. Few of the fruits that you are allowed to consume are all kind of berries that are strawberry, Raspberry, and blueberry. You can also have apple, orange, and grapes.

Other food items that you can include in your HCG diet are mustard powder, apple cider vinegar, green tea and other spices like salt, pepper, and herbs.

Recipes that are allowed under HCG diet plan

green salad recipeGreen salad

You can combine all the vegetables that you like. Wash them properly, cut them into small pieces and put them in a bowl. Add some spices and herbs to it. If you like you can also squeeze a lemon to make it tangier in taste.[wpsm_divider top=”2px” bottom=”2px” style=”solid”] n,,
fruitsaladFruit salad

If you like you can also make a fruit salad where you can cut all the allowed fruits and put them together in a bowl add some salt and pepper to it. Add a little lemon and mix them well and have it.[wpsm_divider top=”2px” bottom=”2px” style=”solid”]

cottage cheeseSalad with cottage cheese

Take some cottage cheese that is made of skimmed milk. Roast it a little without adding any oil. Cut them into small pieces and put them in the green salad. Add salt if you like.[wpsm_divider top=”2px” bottom=”2px” style=”solid”]

cottage cheese salad recipeGrilled cottage cheese with roasted tomatoes and bell pepper

You can take some cottage cheese approximately hundred grams made out of skimmed milk. Roast it on a pan without adding any oil. Roast the tomatoes and bell peppers along with it. Season it with salt and pepper and you are good to go.[wpsm_divider top=”2px” bottom=”2px” style=”solid”]

smoothies recipeDrinks and smoothies

You can also take any whole fruit or vegetable you like. Put it into a blender and blend it all together without straining it. Have it with a little salt and ice. This can be a very filling recipe and will keep you full for a longer period of time.