Why Exercising Has Not Helped You Lose Weight

It is a widely considered fact- or so to speak- that exercise helps you lose weight. This has remained true until recent research carried out at Loyola University Chicago by public health scientists, Richard S. Cooper and Amy Luke, proved otherwise. But just before you start hitting the gym, and claiming to lose the pounds, you should revise your options. Physical activity, which in essence involves getting fit, has more to contribute in helping you improve your overall health than preventing you from becoming obese. Or even, a greater advantage of exercise is to boost your cardiovascular system.

So why doesn’t exercise help me lose weight? Well, don’t flinch when you hear this. The mechanism of losing weight is determined majorly by cutting the amount of calorie intake, or the net intake should always be less of what your input is. This is a fact, and plays all for all regardless of the method you are using to lose weight.

Why not exercise?

excercise-workoutsWhile most people may attribute their weight loss to consistency in the gym, the whole weight loss mechanism is wholly determined by the amount of calories they reduce from their diet. It is a thumb of rule, that weight loss or weight gain is determined by the input calories versus the output calories. Input refers to the amount of food that you eat and the amount of calories thus, while output refers to the amount of calories you expend. So why is exercise not as important for weight loss as we think it is? When you hit the gym, or take part in intensive exercises such as long walks, rollers or taking the stairs, you tend to use up calories. This is actually good, but only if you eat less (input) than you have used up. You don’t leave it at that and assume that you have lost the calories in the gym. And why is this? When you take part in exercises, it has a ripple effect on your appetite and you are likely to eat more than you do normally. This is done as a way of ‘compensation’ because of the gym. So the net calories becomes excess and you end up increasing weight.

However, this still does not disprove those who lost weight through exercise, but it is also key to monitor you calories because this is the sole business of shedding the excess pounds. Eat a balanced diet, in little amounts and you will get everything going smoothly.

Which way forward?

Having said exercise does not solely and entirely help you lose weight, it is only natural to provide a way out. And the main business of losing weight is limiting your calories, so the best way to limit calories is key by following a healthy diet plan. It is recommended to use natural methods to lose weight such as HCG drops and HCG diet plan.

The HCG Diet plan

The diet plan is formulated to help you lose weight in a period of not more than six weeks. HCG diet plan consists of three diet phases which are comprehensively put together, providing you with a list of healthy diets and weight loss guidelines. This, reinforced with natural HCG hormone drops will work effectively in helping you lose the excess pounds.

It is everybody’s wish to have a hassle-free weight loss, and that being the case, avoiding physical activity and exercise is part of it. Using HCG drops will keep you away from the gym and guarantee timely results.